Kim Jong Un Inspects KPA Unit 1524

Jun 30, 2018

Kim Jong Un Inspects KPA Unit 1524 - Image

Pyongyang, June 30 (KCNA) -- The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un inspected Unit 1524 of the Korean People's Army (KPA).

After receiving a salute, he went round the education room, barracks, wash-cum-bath room, bean warehouse, greenhouse and other parts of the unit, guided by its commanding officers, to take warm care of the living of soldiers as their own parents would do.

At the education room, he acquainted himself in detail with the education of soldiers of the unit and stressed the need to intensify the political and ideological education and the education of faith in conformity with the specific character of the duty of the unit defending the outpost line of the socialist country and thus reliably defend the post and carry on service with the steadfast class stand.

He learned about the soybean farming by the unit at the bean warehouse and told officers to increase the per-hectare soybean yield by positively introducing successes and experience of advanced units.

He also said it is necessary to pay deep attention to providing good bean processing equipment for the combat units in remote areas like the unit so that the servicepersons can eat various bean dishes.

Going round the greenhouse, he stressed the need for the unit to plant and introduce around the barracks the high yielding crops and vegetables of good species cultivated by Farm 1116 of KPA Unit 810 so that it may benefit from them.

Being satisfied with the fact that the unit settled the cooking fuel issue with methane gas and has improved the servicepersons' diet with a good supply foundation, he repeatedly underscored the need to push forward with the work for laying living foundations so that the soldiers can devote themselves to the military service without any inconvenience.

Expressing the expectation and belief that the servicepersons of the unit would creditably discharge their mission and role as frontline soldiers defending the gate to the socialist country with red arms of revolution in their hands, he had a photo session with them.

Accompanying him were Hwang Pyong So, Han Kwang Sang and Jo Yong Won, senior officials of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, and Kim Chang Son, department director of the State Affairs Commission.