History of Political relationship between Nepal and DPR of Korea

In 1974 the diplomatic relation has been established between two countries, Nepal and DPR of Korea which is geographically far from each other. DPR of Korea is located in northeast and Nepal is located in south east of Asia.

Recognition of a special meaning with this relationship has been so far from the point now to be got. Since the setting of the relationship, both the countries have built the diplomatic relation on political map even in its own difficult situation. Korea experienced unprecedented severe trials of its history including nuclear crisis, danger of war, natural disaster as well as they have seen their Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG, Father of the nation. In passing away of the Great leader, DPR of Korea has not fell down to have reached this time of era with victory and glory, meanwhile there have been many political and economical changes in Nepal.

Ordeal cannot help existing in every country but its worse for the small country to experience it. These all of trials have been suffered with strategic change in international arena for a background such as collapse of Soviet Union, appearance of unique polar system, presumption of supremacy by specified country and series of war and misfortune of small countries.

Nevertheless, these kinds of world changes have failed to bar the way- two countries DPR of Korea and Nepal to continuously develop their sincere and friendly relationship. In next two years, we could see the 30th anniversary of establishing the diplomatic relationship between the two countries.

Looking back upon the past of development of friendly relation between two countries, we feel highly appreciate the meaningful meeting between the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG and His Majesty the King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev in his Crown Prince as a representative of the Kingdom of Nepal in Bangdung, Indonesia in 1965. Before the diplomatic relationship to participate in the NAM Summit, which has been the first opportunity of history for both country to plant seeds of friendship in the garden to open the curtain of history wrapped in mystery between the two countries. The seeds have been grown up in full blooming by the visit of His Majesty the King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev along with Royal families who met with Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG at Pyongyang, Korea which hints a kind of special predestined bond between two countries. These will be handed down to posterity as important events through generations in the future in the mind of peoples of two countries.

It shows the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG with national patriotism who attached great importance to national unity, peace and prosperity especially in developing countries, that many of the state leaders met by President KIM IL SUNG  in his life in Asia have been the  families of the Royal palace of the countries including Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia.

The Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG  has always supported throughout his life, the national unity, peace and prosperity of Nepal as clarified by the one example that he is the one who has raised his hand the first to agree with the proposal for Zone of Peace of Kingdom of Nepal. Similarly, Nepal always has supported the cause of reunification of Korean people.

Now, the two leaders who have planted the first seeds for the friendly relationship of the both countries have passed away with great merits. Nevertheless, the world have seen the successful inheritance of the leadership by the leaders able to safeguard sovereignty and to develop the country in his area respectively, which gives relieved feeling to the people in both countries with common things in special location.

It is our common pride that we could see the brilliant history of friendship between two countries without any misunderstanding for last 30 years. On this occasion we are highly appreciate the immortal exploits made by the leaders of the two countries for the development of the friendly relationship.

It is a pleasure to have seen the great achievements in the economic and trading field such as cement, fertilizer, machine and so on between two countries in the past decades.

But now the world is on top of change, which is also influencing to bend/ refract the economic cooperative ability on both sides to be reduced into almost zero level now, even if there are plenty potentiality for both sides to cooperate each other. It is regrettable that economic relation could not be suitable to the highly developed political relation between two countries.

Of course, there must be some reasons why DPR of Korea has been forced to face the worst situation caused by the confrontation against the American maneuvers to isolate and stifle the country in the pretext of nuclear crisis on its extremity from early 1990. Series of natural disaster, and economic influence caused by the collapse of Soviet Union and socialist allies which caused also to put DPR of Korea in isolation as a unique and last target of America. This kind of situation of life and death has inevitably forced DPR of Korea to solve the urgent tasks such as defense of sovereignty and its own styled socialist system, national unity, rehabilitation of natural disasters and so on, from which situation she could have not help retrenching herself to direct all the economic potentiality to do them.

Meanwhile, there also some political and economical changes in Nepal since the early 1990, which has been worse influenced by the worldwide dramatic change.

1990 is the period of tragedy for the countries all over the world except some developed countries. The influence is still going, but historical logic says the world a few years later it will remove  the dangers, produced by the unique polar world after the collapse of socialist allies, which has broken down political and economical security especially in small and developing countries. Finally it will find out a new world order which would offer some good environment for political and economical security in small countries.

From this point of view, the fall of economic and cooperative relation between two countries has its origin in both internal and external reason as well as worldwide influence.

Now, we are urged to look into the current situation as well as the potentiality to cooperate each other with a new idea in a new era of 21st century taking the worldwide changes into a consideration, which would let us finally find a new space for collaboration.

In this view, we can find that there might have been lack of will and comprehensive study for us to find and explore the common and supplementary things to each other in spite of the stern fact that there have been always existed the abundant potentiality to be explored even in the difference of political and economic system between two countries, which shows the main reason why we have failed to approach each other to the enough economic cooperation. It is regrettable that there has never been a chance for both sides to do so as above mention.

In this matter, first of all we must mention about what are the common and supplementary things existed in both countries to know the best effect which can be originated from a condition with both common and supplementary things between two countries.

Then what are the common and supplementary things between two countries. ?

To meet this criteria, an introduction of Korean economic outline and characteristics as well as political and historical environment which is the source endowing her economy with peculiar characteristics different from the other parts of the world. All the economic developments in every country are the comprehensive reflection of the geographical, political and historic environment formed by its own style through the centuries as one says what is man is a comprehensive reflection of his eating, thinking and acting.

What is Korea?

Now, a glimpse of Korean history here would help the peoples in small countries with geographical and political difficulties similar to Korea to have an opportunity to get a panoramic view of her economy with her own unique style, characteristics and finally find out the common and supplementary things as well as their own greatness, potentiality, new idea and spirit, and encouragement.

Korea is a small country, surrounded by big and developed countries, with 1.2 lakh of land and 2 crore of population as well as the mountains in more than 80% of the land, which is quite as the same as of Nepal.

Any country in the world should find and follow its own political rights to be originated from its own geopolitical and historical composition, similarly Korea should have given a priority to the political unity against sectarianism  which would push the country into division and to the economic and military self-reliance against the economic and military subjugation to other countries, which is naturally suggested from the serious lesson of Korean history that the internal political sectarianism and the lack of economic and military strength has led the country. Ultimately the colonialism by Japan and again to the devastating war for 3 years forced by America in 1950 soon after the liberation from the colonialism.

Korea has 5,000 years long history in which there have been much troubled stories with many reasons. But now we can say in a word, by the lesson of Korean history, that the only main root of all the reasons for all the tragedy through her national history which at last led to the colony by Japan for 36 years long and even now being forced to the division of the nation in North and South, has stemmed from the internal and fractional disputes and fighting each other by many political groups. Respectively with foreign forces on their backs to defeat the other group to win the authority of the nation, which has resulted in turning the whole country into the platform for strong powers to compete to gain supremacy on it. As clarified by the fact that there had been Russia-Japan war and China-Japan war in Korean land in 19th century, caused at least somewhat by the fractional dispute between Korean political groups respectively with Russia, Japan and China on each back. Whiles in 20th century Korea was forced again to have been divided for half century up to now by America supported by the pro-American political group as soon after Korea has liberated from Japanese colonialism.  Now the history says: you split, you ruined, - the worst way in small country; you unite, you win, - the only and best way in small country.

The first one who heard the voice of history for the future of the nation is the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG. He at the age of 14, embarked on the road to liberate the fatherland but he faced a difficult home task of what is the reason of the ruined country and how to liberate and develop this small country locked around by big forces. He asked it to the thousands of books and political documents written by famous politicians and philosophers all over the world but he failed to find out clear answer from his years long study which made him disappointed.

Nevertheless, he was blessed to find out the truth that unity of the people can bring about the greatest power and that one should be the master of his nation. He proposed a new philosophical idea, Juche, which means one is the master of his own life and everyone has its own capability to excavate his own life by himself and it’s the same in case of national matter such as the master of its nation is the people of the nation and every nation has its own capability to excavate its own destiny of the nation, but all of this can be possible only on the basis of the unity of the people.

Thus, he gave the priority to educate the people to unite around and to arm themselves with his own national spirit rejecting all kinds of the idea of relying on the foreign forces to liberate and develop the country. This has been a great challenge to the trend of that time in Korea, when all the political parties including communists with foreign forces on their back respectively ask for the other develop countries to liberate and develop Korea, and they did not believe in their own people’s strength besides the ambitions to gain leadership over the country. Which dispute for hegemonies has come to block the existence of a unique central polar for the whole nation and people to unite around and finally turned this small nation into such a chaos of random splitting, demolishing and collapsing.

The Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG  set forth a principled way for Korea to liberate and advance forwards itself. No one but Koreans must and can be the master of Korea. This idea welcomes self-reliance but rejects all the flunkism for the foreign forces. It does not mean that cooperation and support by foreign countries must be rejected without condition, but means that one must hold up its sovereignty and interest of its nation even in case of receiving the corporation and support from outside.

No matter how great politician he is, he cannot be great when he lose the belief and support from the people. This idea means politician must learn people behavior to understand what they think of and want, and must propose lines of what the peoples like to do. The Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG  always said in his whole life that people is the sky/god and so the politician who won the mind of the people is equal to the one supported by god or who won the whole world. He discussed even government work with labour workers and peasants and actually while discussing with them he could find way to solve the state problems, which is impossible on the desk in his office. Peoples felt warm love from him. So all the Korean people like him and always supported his idea and political activity against all kinds of opposition to him.

All sorts of people must be united under the banner of patriotism whether or not he or she is a nationalist or communist beyond the difference of political idea.

Economic reliance on foreign country leads to the political subjugation. Therefore, the key composition of its economy should be filled with its own management, techniques and technicians, and raw materials in more than 80% of the country, which is a matter of life and death especially in the small country that is always threatened by influences from outside around. From this view, the priority has been given to the self-relied economy of which heavy industry is on top of all.

Nobody or even God can save the country from domination and subjugation forced by foreign aggression. Thus, one must defend his own country by himself with strong military power in his own hand. Here in this view the most dangerous thought is that one wishes the other country to safeguard his country against dominations. Military reliance on others leads to the most vital subjugation to the others, as clarified by the world events that many small and weak countries have been victimized miserably.  Therefore, a nation should arm herself with her own strong military power. This point the army-first policy has come up, which means that army is the main force not only to defend but also to develop the country so as that whole society of the country should follow after the principled and energetic way of life of army. Thus army must be given priority before than working class, even if all the communist theory in the world has given the priority to the working class.  This idea never rules out the working-class but means that the present world demands every country to give priority to the army to defend and develop the country including the interest of the working class.

The most important thing for developing the country in either economy or defense is science, technique, and peoples’ awakening. Can never develop the country with people who are not awakened and vigilant ideologically or technically, in which country the people are in danger to be easily brain-washed and misused by foreign forces against the true interest of their own country, as clarified by many country where peoples fight each other and even against the patriotic national unity in favor of foreign force that intends to interfere to get profit.

From this historical lesson the ideological and technical education has been taken as the foremost task to build the strong country. To get it successful, all the schools and universities are run with system of free of charge and compulsory education, whereby all the boys and girls go to school to be educated. All the education offers the opportunity for the students to understand the miserable history of the country in the past and the reason why, and what to do to hold up its sovereignty and dignity and to develop the country. Through this 10 years long education the students come out to society being full ready ideologically or technically to discern what is for or against the interest of their country and to fight for the country against the interference and aggression from outside. The most important is that the students who has been awakened and vigilant by the education knows very well on which side the butter of their country is; the butter is on side of the unity of the whole nation, the miser is on side of division of the nation. Therefore, they take the unity of the peoples into the most vital point. Thus, for a long time the Korean people have been loyal to the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG and now so to the Great Leader KIM JONG IL  who are the only center of unity of the whole nation and the only spiritual source for sovereignty and development of the nation.

Now Korea is the one of the strongest country politically, morally, militarily and economically in their own kind even if it is economically in very difficult situation by political and economic pressure from outside which demonstrates that the policy and leadership of the great leaders with Juche idea have been and are completely correct as clarified by the today’s reality after half century since liberation.

We can say the above-mentioned political history is the mother, which has given birth to the Korean styled economy and science fully able to challenge even the strongest country.

Korea was successful in industrialization of the country by her hands 14 years after the war forced by America that reduced the country into ashes, and was the one of the highest developed economic countries in Asia up to end of 1970s before the confrontation with America which has run up towards the extremity for 20 years more since and forced all the economic potentiality in Korea to be served for defending the country’s sovereignty.

A particular characteristics of economic, technical and military development in Korea is that those who have been achieving in the suffocative situation being lack of everything amidst the worst pressure and threats on all round of political, economical and military field by America, Japan and its allies, and that their all the developments have been a result of spiritual power with which they must not be defeated but win the victory in the confrontation with aggressors. That kind of spirit encouraged them to make anything they want by themselves in low cost but as the same high level of techniques as in the developed country, and again that their all developments are shaped to be highly acceptable with the substantial configuration of geopolitical, economical, historical and cultural features in Korea which is a small and locked around by big forces, and so as the same as in case of introducing new techniques from foreign countries.

They explored their potentiality as far as they can, so in Korea even a brick is very important, which kind of situation forced Koreans to create something. Its target is the most developed country like America. Its development must have been achieved in lower cost than America even in so level or otherwise they cannot be competitive with America, the biggest financial state. So Koreans have come to know the way to the high way with lowest cost through their arduous history. It has 2 millions of intellectuals, scientists, and technicians which are fully ready to design and make anything they want. It has about more than 100 schools for special geniuses in Korea, where specially selected students with extraordinary brain are studying free of cost.