Anti Japanese Heroine Great Mother KIM JONG SUK

Anti Japanese Heroine Great Mother KIM JONG SUK - Image

Undying Memory of Kim Jong Suk

Kim Jong Suk, one of the great persons of modern Korea, lived a short life (December 24,1917- September 22,1949), but she left an indelible trace in the memory of the Korean people. She is still remembered even after 61 years since she passed away.

She was a paragon in safeguarding and supporting President KIM IL SUNG (1912-1994), peerless great man of the Korean nation. She set out on the road of the armed struggle to liberate Korea from the Japanese imperialists at the age of 18. From then on she held that General Comrade KIM IL SUNG  is the very heart and top brain of the Korean revolution, and took it as her highest mission to protect him from danger. She made herself the General’s human shield in fierce battles and her noble image remains etched in the Korean’s memory.

She never failed to fulfill any difficult tasks under all circumstances, if they were to implement the orders and ideas of the General. She always lived up to the expectations of the General in her undertaking of any tasks, be it combat mission, underground activity, cooking, nursing, uniform making or others.

She devoted herself to the health and safety of the General. During the anti-Japanese armed struggle full of marches and battles, she washed the General’s clothes and dried them with her own body temperature, putting the under her jacket in severe winter cold; she thinned her hair out to make insoles for him; she gathered floss silk, which she heard was bulletproof, and made a padded coat for the General. Even after Korea’s liberation on August 15, 1945, she still remained the bodyguard of the General and reliably defended his safety as a “shiftless sentry”.

She lived only four years in the liberated country, but every nook and corner of the land bears the imprints of her activities to carry out the ideas and intention of  President KIM IL SUNG. Always standing in the van of the people to build a new Korea, she inspires them to take an active part in mass movements proposed by the President, including the general ideological mobilization movement for nation-building, a mass emulation drive for increased production and the pothong River improvement project, the first-ever nature-remaking project in the liberated Korea. She was indeed the closest comrade of KIM IL SUNG  and also his most faithful soldier.

The Great Mother of Korea Kim Jong Suk was endowed with warm personality and sacred devotion. In the days of the bloody anti-Japanese war she risked her own life to secure food for her comrades, even though she went hungry for days. She cooked meals and washed clothes of the guerrillas during breaks of marches and camping, when all others fell asleep. She climbed up the shell-pounded hills with the cauldron of boiling gruel on her head for her comrades-in-arms. After liberation she found the bereaved children of the revolutionary martyrs and took maternal care of them so that they could become faithful personnel for the country. President KIM IL SUNG  in his lifetime recollected that Kim Jong Suk lived for others, not for herself , and hers was a life devoted to her comrades.

The greatest service she rendered is that she laid the solid foundation for the cause of President KIM IL SUNG  to be successfully carried forward.

She brought up her son, KIM JONG IL  to acquire the qualities and virtues befitting a great man ardent love for the country and people, noble virtue and great humanity, resolute and audacious temperament, indomitable courage and pluck, generous character-since his childhood. At the last moments of her life she earnestly told her little son that he must respect President KIM IL SUNG  and successfully carry forward his cause. True to her will, KIM JONG IL, as the true successor to the President, ahs firmly defended the Korean-style socialism and is now ushering in a new era of building a great, prosperous and powerful nation. Socialist Korea that has been winning one victory after another is inconceivable without her.