Juche Oriented Socialist State

The Great Leader Comrade KIM JONG IL has said, “The D.P.R.of  Korea is a Juche-oriented socialist state with invincible might”. Published in Rodong Sinmun, Organ of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea and Minju Joson, Organ of the DPRK Government September 5, Juche 97 (2008), The Great Leader KIM JONG IL said, “The Great Leader Comrade KIM IL SUNG was the founder of the DPRK and the father of socialist Korea, and he is the eternal President of State. The founding of the Republic under his leadership brought about a fundamental change in the shaping of the destiny of our country and its people.

Guided by his Juche-oriented philosophy on State building, and under his seasoned and sophisticated leadership, our Republic has been established and developed as a genuine country of the people, as a Juche-oriented socialist country, the first of its kind in history, and our people, who were oppressed and maltreated for centuries, have become able to enjoy, in the embrace of the Republic, the pride and happiness of a genuine life in which they exercise full rights as masters of the State and society.

The mountains and rivers, which are getting more and more beautiful with each passing day, the vast expanses of farmland, the urban and rural areas, the streets and villages, the defence lines and frontline posts that have been built up to be impregnable, and the many factories, enterprises, economic and cultural establishments and monumental structures, all bear the imprints of President KIM IL SUNG’s great and sacred leadership; and every aspect of the most dignified, prestigious and fulfilling life that our people are enjoying generation after generation, century after century, is associated with his benevolent, fatherly affection and solicitude. As we greet the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Republic, our Party members, service personnel and people solemnly look back upon the great revolutionary career and immortal revolutionary exploits of President KIM IL SUNG, who devoted his whole life to the country and the people, and bestow on him the highest gratitude and glory.

The immortal exploits he achieved for the country and the people constitute the eternal cornerstone of our country and revolution and an unshakable foundation on which to build a great, prosperous and powerful socialist country and carry forward and accomplish the Juche revolutionary cause. By holding President KIM IL SUNG  in high esteem as the Sun of Juche, and developing his philosophy on and exploits in State building, our Party is opening up the road of building a thriving country in the Songun era, the road of fresh victory for our revolution. Thanks to our Party’s leadership and advance in the Songun-based revolution, our Republic has risen as a Juche-oriented socialist State with invincible political and military might, demonstrating its prestige and dignity.”

Further The Great Leader KIM JONG IL said, “ President KIM IL SUNG established the people’s power and regular revolutionary armed forces that inherited the traditions of the anti-Japanese revolution and, by enlisting the high patriotic enthusiasm of the liberated people and all other patriotic forces, laid solid foundations for the building of an independent and sovereign State through democratic reforms in the northern half of  Korea, thus frustrating the schemes of the imperialist and reactionary forces.

Under the leadership of Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG the ever-victorious and iron-willed brilliant commander, our soldiers and people turned out as one in the just Fatherland Liberation War and fought in a self-sacrificing manner, giving a full demonstration of their unparalleled mass heroism at the front and in the rear. Consequently, they defeated the US aggressor armed forces that had been boasting of being the “mightiest” in the world, defended the freedom and independence of their country with honor, encouraged the oppressed peoples of the world in their anti-imperialist national liberation struggle, and made a great contribution to safeguarding world peace.

The historic victory of our Republic in the Fatherland Liberation War was a clear testimony to its invincible might, to the strength of our State and social system, to the confidence of our army and people in sure victory, and to their indefatigable fighting spirit. It also demonstrated that no force can conquer a people who have taken their destiny in their own hands and are united solidly behind their party and leader. For its victory in the war, in which it shattered the myth of the US imperialists being the “strongest” and inflicted a crushing defeat on them for the first time in the world history of war, our Republic won a worldwide reputation as a heroic country, its army as a heroic army and its people as a heroic people.

Not only did our Korea, the land of Juche, emerge victorious from the military confrontation with the formidable imperialist aggressor forces, but it also worked miracles and made innovations in the ensuing postwar reconstruction, socialist revolution and socialist construction. Starting from scratch on the war debris, we achieved epoch-making development in the revolution and construction.

Under the seasoned leadership of President KIM IL SUNG, our country completed its postwar reconstruction in a matter of just a few years and carried out the cooperative reorganization of the rural economy and the socialist transformation of private trade and industry perfectly in the Korean style and without any deviation. In response to the call of the leader, our people embarked on the grand Chollima march in the spirit of taking ten or a hundred steps when others were taking one, thus effecting a great revolutionary upsurge that was unprecedented in socialist construction. Through the gigantic struggle to create and construct socialism, our country, having been backward for centuries, emerged as a most advantageous and powerful people-centered socialist country, a socialist power, that is independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in defence, a country called Chollima Korea, a model for socialist countries throughout the world.

The Songun era, a new era in the Juche revolution, occupies a special position in the history of our country and revolution. It is a great era of the Juche revolutionary cause in which the ideas, leadership and cause of President KIM IL SUNG are inherited and carried forward, and it constitutes a new, higher stage in the development of our country and revolution. Long ago our Party put forward modeling the whole society on the Juche idea as its ultimate program, and it has held fast to it as the basic line in building the Party, the State and the army, true to the noble idea of President KIM IL SUNG. It concentrated all its efforts on building and developing the Party, the State and the army as the Party of the leader, as the State of the leader, and as the army of the leader, and on remolding man and transforming society and nature as required by the leader’s revolutionary idea, the Juche idea, thus laying strong foundations for carrying out the cause of modeling the whole society on the Juche idea.

In the 1990s the situation took a sudden turn, and grim trials and hardship, the rigors of which were unprecedented in history, were laid in the way of our country and revolution. Taking advantage of the collapse of socialism in several countries, the imperialists and reactionaries clamored about the “end of socialism,” directing the spearhead of their attack against our Republic, which was holding high as ever the banner of socialism. Their anti-DPRK, anti-socialist maneuvers put the sovereignty and right to existence of our country and nation at jeopardy; our country was turned into a theatre of the fiercest confrontation between socialism and imperialism and our people found themselves at a crossroads, where remaining as an independent people lay in one direction and becoming colonial slaves once again in the other.

To cope with the prevailing situation, our Party raised high the banner of Songun, under which it frustrated every scheme of the imperialists and reactionaries against the DPRK and socialism by dint of our invincible political and military might, thus safeguarding the sovereignty of the country and nation and our style of socialism with honor. It is a great victory of international significance for our small country to have defended itself, its nation and its socialism in single-handed confrontation with the US-led imperialist reactionaries. Our country has, without firing a shot, registered one victory after another in its political and military confrontation with the US imperialists, facing down and smashing the aggressive moves of an enemy that had been behaving in a high-handed and arbitrary manner in every part of the world.

These achievements of our Songun-based revolution are literally a miracle. In spite of the grim trials we have faced in the struggle to defend socialism, we have achieved tremendous development in all spheres of politics, the military, the economy and culture”.