NJA for Studying Juche idea & Songun Policy

Established on 15th April 2010 on the occasion of the Sun’s Day, the 98th Birth Anniversary of President KIM IL SUNG

Reasons for Establishing

Juche idea gives a genuinely revolutionary world outlook of our time, the Juche age. This constitutes a major historic contribution made by the Juche idea to the development of humanity's thinking and to the cause of liberation of mankind. The Juche idea defined man as the master who dominates the world, not merely as part of it, and thus established a new world outlook which, unlike preceding ones, regards the world and its changes and progress with man, its master, at the centre. The Juche viewpoint and stand on the world with man in the central place provide a sure guarantee for the independent and creative cognitional activities and practice of man who transforms the world and shapes his destiny. The Juche idea has been brilliantly applied, above all, to the Korean revolution and has won a great victory. Indeed, the Juche idea is an immortal banner of struggle, a banner of victory, for the popular masses in their endeavor to create a new world and shape their own destiny.

The Songun politics idea was first adopted and implemented by Great Leader Comrade KIM JONG IL in January 1995. Its major doctrine is to treat military power and national defense as the top priority of the country or simply, everything else should give way to military affairs. The Songun politics is a product of the Cold War, and a way of leadership the DPRK was forced to adopt against the severe international climate after the Cold War, the stagnated domestic economy, and the growing pressure from abroad. In the face of the country's practical conditions in the aftermath of the Cold War in northeast Asia, the DPR of Korea had to maintain a wartime perception of national security, and keep strengthening its national defense, which has since been institutionalized as a national strategy.

Deeply studying the above facts, we the like-minded peace loving and progressive journalists of Nepal have established “NJA for Studying Juche Idea & Songun Policy” under the leadership of President of Nepal Journalists Association Mr. Manju Ratna Sakya on the occasion of “Sun’s Day”, April 15, the Birth Anniversary of President KIM IL SUNG on 15th April 2010 in Kathmandu to disseminate in mass-public the Juche Idea and Songun Policy.

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