NJA Fully support Kim Jong Un New Year Address

Jan 1, 2017

Kathmandu : On behalf of Nepal Journalist Association, NJA Studying the Juche Idea & Songun Policy, Nepal-Korea  Friendship Association and Asian Regional Institute of Juche Idea, President of Nepal Journalist Association Dr. Manju Ratna Sakya fully supported the New Year  Address of  Supreme Leader of the Korean people Marshal Kim Jong Un. 

While appreciating the National issue of national reunification and the foreign policy of the DPRK, NJA  Supremo Dr. Sakya made invariable support and solidarity to the Korean people in their efforts to build a thriving county and realize the independent and peaceful reunification of Korea under the wise guidance of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Further, NJA Chief Dr. Sakya expressed hearty Greetings and congratulation to Marshal Kim Jong UN for delivering the excellent and  marvellous New Year Address which will be written in golden figure in the world history.