Formation of Birthday Celebration Committee

Jan 25, 2019

February 16, Juche 108 (2019) marks the 77th Birth Anniversary of the Great Leader Comrade KIM JONG IL, Eternal General Secretary of the Workers’ party of Korea.

And April 15 is another historical significant day for the entire Progressive and peace loving people  around the world and this year they shall be celebrating it as the “Sun’s Day” as it happens to the 107th Birth Anniversary of  respected President KIM IL SUNG.

President KIM IL SUNG, the outstanding leader of the Korean people led the Korean revolution for about 70 years along the road of independence and carried out great socio-economic changes thus opening up a shining chapter in the history of liberation struggle of the mankind and won boundless respect and trust from the progressive people of the world over.

Great leader Comrade KIM JONG IL carried forward in his whole life the Juche idea and Songun policy to secure dignity and sovereignty of DPR Korea and achieved fresh success on the way to achieve independent and peaceful reunification of Korea

 The Korean people observe these two occasions as the nation's greatest holidays which the world’s people, who advocate peace, justice, independence, dignity and democracy also celebrate them as great occasions.

To celebrate these two happy occasions of our friendly country in a suitable manner, we are happy to announce the formation of 15-Member “Nepal National Preparatory Committee to Celebrate Sun’s Day and the Day of the Rising Star” under the Chairmanship of Comrade C.P. Mainali, Chairman of Nepal-Korea Friendship Association, General Secretary of CPN (M.L.) and Former Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal Government with prominent figures from friendship and people’s organizations dedicated to strengthen the friendship between Nepal and Korea as its members.

   The Nepal National Preparatory Committee shall organize several functions and conduct activities aimed at highlighting the life and achievements made by Respected President          KIM IL SUNG and Comrade KIM JONG IL such as film show, book exhibition, talk programs and seminar.

The committee consists of the following personalities:

Chairman:                       Comrade C.P. Mainali, General Secretary, CPN (M.L.)

Members:           Madam Sashi Shrestha, Chairperson, Nepal Women's Committee to Study Juche Idea and State Affairs and Good Governance Committee, House of Representatives, Federal Parliament of Nepal

- Dammber Shrestha, Polit Bureau member CPN (M.L.)

- Mr. Sunil Manandhar, Central Committee Member, Nepal Communist       Party,

-  Dr. Manju Ratna Sakya, President, Nepal Journalists Association and    Vice-Chairman, Nepal Korea Friendship Association              - Mr. Subash Kaji Shrestha, Chairman, Study Forum for Self Reliance, -      Nepal and Secretary of AAPSO-Nepal

-   Mr.  Binod Adhikari, Vice-Chairman, Nepal Committee to Promote    Reunification of Korea

- Manik Lama, Chairman, Nepal Association for Supporting Songun    Policy

- Mrs. Rashmi Shrestha, General Secretary, Nepal Women’s Committee to   Study Juche Idea.

- Shanker Bharati, Chairman, Nepal literary Forum to Study Songun    Policy

- Mr. Ram Krishna Karmacharya, Chairman, National Press Club Nepal

- Rajan Karki, Senior journalist and Member Nepal-Korea Friendship   Association.

- Ashok Subedi, Chairman,

- Chetan Kuwar, Vice-Chairman, Socialist Journalist Forum

Secretary:           - Mr. Phanindra Raj Pant, General Secretary, Nepal-Korea Friendship    Association and  Nepal Association for Supporting Songun Policy.

Phanindra Raj Pant

Member Secretary

 Nepal National Preparatory Committee to Celebrate

Sun’s Day and the Day of the Rising Star       

Kathmandu, Nepal

22 January, 2019.