Opening speech at the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea Kim Jong-un

Jan 7, 2021

Opening speech at the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea Kim Jong-un - Image

Dear representative automatic magazines!

The 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea, which our millions of party comrades have been preparing and looking forward to, burning the heart of patriotic loyalty, was convened at a very important and responsible period in the development of our revolution.

I first representatives comrades and the Center Party, the whole country the entire people and capture the hearts of the unfailing loyalty of the People's Army soldiers yisimyeo builders yisigo founder of the Workers' Party of Korea eternal and per our countries and people are God received great leader Kim Il Sung's comrades and I would like to abstain from the noblest respect and greatest glory to the great leader Comrade Kim Jong- il .

Representative automatic papers!

Five years have passed since the time when our Party and the whole people started a new march to fulfill the immediate goals and missions of socialist construction as set out by the 7th Congress.

These days, the worst of all, the worst continuing difficulties that have ever been seen have brought great obstacles to the advancement of our revolution, but our party has won enormous victories with stubborn and accurate practical actions to realize its own program of struggle.

Our expanded and reinforced juche power during the consolidation period and the extraordinarily high external status of the country clearly signal the arrival of a new heightened period of socialist construction, a period of majestic upheaval.

The 6th Plenary Meeting of the 7th Party Central Committee in August of last year made an in-depth analysis and judgment of the new trends in the development of our revolution and the demands for the main objective situation created, and decided to convene this party conference.

The convocation of the party congress in the current difficult situation is a remarkable political affair that has great significance in terms of its impact on the change and development of internal and external situations and in the outlook of the struggle of our party, the socialist ruling party.

When the historic decision on the convocation of the Party Congress was announced, the people of all countries were engulfed in a tremendous upheaval and eagerly applauded, and all kinds of reactionary forces who tried to hostile and hinder our feat were severely hit.

It is an expression of the solid confidence of the Workers' Party of Korea to lead the revolution to the next stage of victory by the party's convening of the Supreme Council itself. It is a strong will to repay the people's heavenly faith and expectations by taking the future of the state and fulfilling its responsibilities. Because it is a solemn oath.

Our Party Central Committee declared under all circumstances to make the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea a working, fighting, and advancing convention.

It promised to the party members and the people that during the consensus period, the Central Committee's work would be strictly summed up, the correct direction and mission of the struggle to achieve a new victory in our style socialist construction would be once again clearly confirmed, and to prepare practical measures for this. Will.

In the past five years of hard and glorious struggles, our Party's achievements in revolutionary struggles and construction projects are by no means small.

After the 7th Congress of the Party, by holding miraculous victories and incidents that will be featured in the history of the nation's half-million-year-old, we have provided a strong guarantee to reliably protect the fate of our country and people for three to three years, while promoting economic construction and improving people's lives. A series of meaningful and valuable achievements and foundations have also been laid.

However, although the implementation period of the five-year strategy for national economic development ended until last year, the goals set out were far below in all areas.

Various challenges that hinder our efforts and progress in striving to achieve a ceaseless new victory in socialist construction and demeaning exist both outside and inside.

The trick to break through the existing concubine difficulties most reliably and fastest is to reinforce our own strength, the capacity of the subject, to the fullest.

From the principle of finding the cause of defects not from the objective but from the subjectivity and solving all problems by raising the role of the subject, this party congress comprehensively analyzes and summarizes the experiences, lessons learned, and the mistakes committed during the consensus, and based on them, we can and must. Let's determine the scientific goals and tasks to be fought.

Not only are the achievements we have already achieved, but the bitter lessons we have accumulated are very valuable.

All of this is something that cannot be bought even with money, and is a valuable source for new victories in the future.

We must encourage and expand and develop the victories and achievements we have won with blood and sweat, and prevent painful lessons from being repeated.

In particular, if left unattended, it is necessary to boldly acknowledge the defects that become more obstacles and stumbling blocks, and take decisive measures so that such disruptions will not be repeated again.

This party conference was held based on these guts and beliefs.

If the 8th Congress of the Party is a contest of struggle, it makes its business stall and presents the right lines and strategic and tactical policies, the Joseon Revolution will face a new period of leap forward.

In addition, with this convention as a watershed, the struggle of the Workers' Party of Korea for the revival and development of the country and the happiness of the people will be shifted to a new stage.

Representative automatic papers!

The Party Central Committee has put major efforts in the following projects over the past four months to prepare the convention as a working, fighting, and advancing convention.

First of all, we conducted a project to analyze and summarize the decision and execution of the 7th Congress in full, independent, and in detail, and to find experiences and lessons for future development.

To this end, the Party Central Committee organized a non-standing Central Inspection Committee and dispatched it to the bottom of the committee to understand the situation and to listen seriously to the opinions of workers, farmers, and intellectuals working in the field.

In the medical treatment project, small groups were dispatched to the provinces to grasp the actual situation, and then sent to provinces and central agencies by direction and division, so that they could proceed in full-scale, overall, and concretely.

What was wrong with the Ryohae Censorship Team, what did they do without doing what they could do, what did they do in practice, what did they do formally, what was the cause if there was something wrong? , What are the defects in the party map, and dismissed the truth and looked at it.

During the preparation of the Party Congress, the Central Party departments and party organizations across the country raised innovative and specific opinions on the future goals and plans of the struggle, along with data summarizing the business structure of the past five years to the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee and the Congress Preparation Committee. I have been doing it.

In this process, we came to reaffirm the precious truth that the public is a great teacher, and we were convinced that it was really right to listen to the opinions of the party organizations and members widely while preparing for the party conference.

Such projects were of great significance in making our Party Congress a revolutionary and combative convention reflecting the consensus of all the Party members, and making the decisions of the Party Congress adopted in the future become the organizational will of the Party.

As part of the party conference preparation project, we conducted a project to analyze and summarize the party financial projects over the past five years and to study improvement measures.

In addition, we have conducted an in-depth study to correct problems that did not fit the reality by mechanically following the old and the others of the past period in our Party Code, in accordance with the demands of the revolutionary development and the principle of construction of the Juche Party.

At the same time, the project structure of the members of the 7th Party Central Guidance Agency was thoroughly reviewed, and the degree of contribution to the reinforcement development and revolutionary work of the Party was evaluated.

Prior to the Party Congress, the lower-level party organizations, provincial, city, county party committees, and party committees performing the same functions have made the business consolidation of the leadership organization stalled, and Party members who can play a key role in the implementation of the party conference decisions Session meetings to elect a party congress representative were also successful.

For the 8th party congress, which will illuminate the new path of the Korean revolution, the party members of the party and the people of the whole country brightened the 85th anniversary of the party's creation as a great slope for the head-on breakthrough, and made a revolutionary achievement by standing up for the 80-day battle of loyalty. We ensured the successful hosting of the party conference while achieving

The high political enthusiasm of our party comrades and the people, who made every effort and sincerity to add glory and strength to their party with high dignity ahead of the Party Congress, is an eruption of extraordinary revolutionary power that cannot be found in today's world.

Despite the unprecedentedly protracted global health crisis in the past year, which was so difficult last year, stubbornly overcoming the difficulties and maintaining a whole-popular conscious consistency in the quarantine project, regarding it as a patriotic obligation, and thoroughly guaranteeing the stable state of quarantine throughout the year and recovering from natural disasters. The great achievement that everyone arose as one person in the struggle and brilliantly established 20,000 new homes throughout the country was to leave another proud page in our Party's battle records.

In addition, our party comrades and workers from all walks of life have sent combat performance reports full of valuable achievements to the Party Central Committee from countless fronts across the country.

In the flames of a hard struggle to overcome the piled up of hardships, I'm the party members of the party who firmly supported the Party's 8th Congress with fiery patriotic devotion and great victory, while exerting the power of unity and unity that were stiffly united on the party's doorstep. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and militant remarks to the people of Korea and the whole country, and to the soldiers of the People's Army.

And with this glorious podium, I would like to send my warm greetings to Chongryon and other overseas Korean organizations and to all overseas Koreans.

In the name of the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea, I reverently reminisce of the unforgettable comrades who did not participate in this, for the reinforced development of the Party and the prosperity of the country, the happiness of the people and the future of their descendants. While doing so, I give sublime respect to all patriots.

Dear representative automatic magazines!

Now we have gathered in a meaningful convention with a very serious and responsible perspective, with an unparalleled glorious and sacred mission.

A great turning point to take the Juche revolutionary cause pioneered in Baekdu into a new victory , the glorious Chosun Workers Party's 75-year-old ruling history is standing at a decisive time to forcefully connect the glorious Chosun Workers Party's 75-year-old ruling history to 80 years, and millions of Korean workers and tens of thousands of Korean people I have come here to represent my destiny and future, wisdom and wisdom.

In this world full of harsh challenges and instability, it is clear to all of us that we must point to the shortcut that leads Korea to a stronger and more prosperous path and brings happiness to our people.

From this perspective, the interest, expectations, and aspirations of the party members and the people of the whole country for this Congress, which sum up the revolutionary work of the past five years and determine the line of struggle and strategic and tactical policy for pioneering a new path, are very large and hot.

In order to always repay the great faith and expectations of the people who have always been with the Party, have absolutely trusted and supported the Party, and supported the 8th Congress with unreserved dedication and effort, we must exercise our utmost responsibility and enthusiasm in the conference business. Will do.

In this event, 250 members of the 7th Party Central Guidance Agency and 4,75 representatives elected from all levels of the Party participated.

In terms of the composition of the representatives, there are 1, 959 representatives from the Party and political workers, 801 representatives from the national administration and economy, 408 representatives from the military, and 442 representatives from the working group, and 335 representatives in the fields of science, education, health, literature and art, and publication and press. , There are 1 to 45 key member representatives working in the field.

Among the total representatives, there are 501 female representatives, which is 10%.

In addition, 2, 100 people participated in the competition.

Representing all the participants of this competition, which is the eighth in the sacred history of the Workers' Party of Korea , solemnly pledged that this competition will be thoroughly faithful to the revolutionary thoughts and feat of the great Comrades Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il ,

Convinced that this Congress will become a stepping point for the reinforcement of our Party and the performance of the socialist cause, a milestone in the struggle for reinforcement of national power and improvement of people's life, and a historic milestone,

We declare the opening of the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea, looking forward to the sincere, responsible and active participation of all representative automatic magazines.