The Great Leader and Pioneer of World Revolution

April 15th is the Birth Anniversary of the Great Leader President  KIM IL SUNG  the Great and beloved leader of the entire Korean People. The Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG, the sun of the Korean people was born in Mangyongdae, bearing the hope of mankind. The birth of  the President  KIM IL SUNG was a glory to the oppressed Korean people and a glory to all mankinds. It ushered in an era of a true life and  an era of independence of the land of Korea. This year on the occasion of 99th  Birth Anniversary and 17th  Anniversary of the demised day of the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG, all the Korean people are expressing their deepest thanks and respect to him who had devoted all his life to the  sacred cause for freedom and independence of the people  and  for social progress and made brilliant achievements for the mankind. 

The Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG was the great thinker and theoretician who fathered the Juche idea, the great guiding idea of revolution which represents the whole historic period the present and the future and illumines the way  ahead of era.

President KIM IL SUNG, the ever victorious iron willed  brilliant commander led to victory  the  Korean war unleashed by the imperialists , bought about the beginning of a downhill turn for them for the first time in  history and firmly defended the revolutionary   gains. Basing himself  on  the  Juche idea , he set forth the  original  theories on the socialist revolution and wisely led the popular  masses to put them into reality. He proposed a  unique policy of transforming the  economic forms along socialist lines prior to technical reconstruction under the conditions that people demanded it and there were revolutionary forces prepared to carry it out and led the   people to implement it and thus established in a short time the socialist system under which all people are equally well-off free from exploitation and oppression.

Frankly speaking, President  KIM IL SUNG was not only the Great Leader of the entire Korean People but he was also one the beloved leader of all the progressive people of the world too. President KIM IL SUNG wisely led the socialist construction with his unusual intelligence and turned Korea once backward into a dignified, powerful socialist industrial state. He organized and guided the socialist construction boldly & skillfully and converted Korea in war ruins into a powerful independent socialist state with strong heavy & modern light industry and developed agriculture in a very short time of 14 years after the war. He created the world startling  brilliant literature and arts and established the most superior popular educational and public health system in Korea.

President KIM IL SUNG gave full answers to all questions of any journalists arising from the world revolutionary movement which has become complex and diversified in the present era.

He made a great contribution to unity and solidarity of the third world countries and the new emerging countries by proposing the policy that they should strengthen their unity and cooperation on the principle of complete equality, independence, mutual respect, non-interference in each other's domestic affairs and mutual benefit to cope with the divisive, alienating and subversive moves of the imperialists.

President KIM IL SUNG received many foreign politicians and public figures visiting Korea and had friendly talks with them and inspired them in confidence in victory of their struggle.

Any foreign visitors to the DPRK who had the honor of meeting President  KIM IL SUNG entranced by his benevolent simple character. It is due to the greatness of both the idea of independence and the respected leader of the Korean people President KIM IL SUNG that more and more people are now following the ideal of an age of independence.

Many leaders, public figures and scholars from various countries of the world who met the President KIM IL SUNG express that  they become familiar with the President KIM IL SUNG and came to talk with him without reserve before they knew it. This may be ascribable to his broad mindedness, great influence, modesty and simplicity.

The Korean people who are closely united around the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG, the sun of the Korean people and march forward under his dynamic leadership certainly won brilliant victories in the revolution in the work of construction and in the cause of national reunification.