First Trace of Songun Leadership

The 20th century was called the age of independence pioneered by the Juche idea and the 21st century is called the era of Songun guaranteed by arms. Now the revolutionary people of the world highly eulogize leader KIM JONG IL, who leads the socialist cause with Songun revolutionary leadership to victory, as the most outstanding leader of Songun revolution in the contemporary age, a rare philosopher of arms and ever-victorious Songun commander.                                                    

On August 25, 1960 KIM JONG IL began his Songun-based leadership.

That day he inspected the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su 105 Guards Tank Division of the Korean People’s Army.

From the day, his historic Songun leadership was started and the might and vitality of the Songun politics have been demonstrated year after year.

The “Pueblo incident” in 1968, the “EC-121” incident in 1969, the Panmunjom incident in 1976, the hostile policy toward north Korea in the 1900s and the sanctions provoked by the US ended in a failure by bold courage of KIM JONG IL. Now the world is looking up Songun Korea, a socialist power, which is unyielding to the military pressure, economic sanctions and ideological and cultural infiltration of the US.

Leader KIM JONG IL administers the Songun politics in the present turbulent situation to secure the global peace and propels the independence cause of mankind. It is his great feats.

Therefore, the trend of learning the Songun idea and Songun politics is brisk in different parts of the world including Britain and the United States. The Association for the Study of Songun Politics in the UK and the Songun Politics Study Group, USA carried articles on their websites: “The Songun politics becomes the current of the times and it is prevalent across the world. The Songun idea and the Songun revolutionary cause pioneered and advanced by President KIM IL SUNG in the 20th century are being carried forward by leader KIM JONG IL. The 21st century will prosper as the Songun era of KIM JONG IL in which the Songun idea and Songun politics win victory after victory.”

Groups for studying the Songun politics were formed in South Korea and the progressive websites and publications widely propagate the Songun politics.

The South Korean people unanimously praise that the Songun politics is a sword for defending the nation and a patriotic politics that safeguards the security of the nation and guarantees reunification and prosperity of the nation.

Fact proves that supporting and studying the Songun politics are an irresistible trend of the times. As there is the Songun leadership of KIM JONG IL an invincible banner, the independence cause of humankind will surely win victory and the 21st century will shine as the Songun era of KIM JONG IL.

Songun politics: The banner for world’s independence

The Songun politics pursued by great Marshal KIM JONG IL is not only a powerful treasured sword which reliably safeguards dignity and sovereignty of the Korean nation and defends peace and security of the Korean Peninsula but also a banner promoting the realization of the world’s independence dynamically.

Marshal KIM JONG IL who brilliantly inherited the Songun idea and traditions pioneered by Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG in the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle put up “independence plus Songun” as the highest philosophy of the Korean nation and a vital requirement of the whole nation, realized the single-minded unity of the leader, party and people of Korea with credit and opened wide avenue for building a prosperous powerful nation and reunifying the country independently.

The heroic mettle of the Korean army and people who are advancing under the uplifted red flag of Baekdu smashing the US-led imperialists’ moves to isolate and strangle Korea, closely rallying around the great Marshal even under the hardest conditions, renders unlimited inspiration and encouragement to the AINDF vanguards, the south Korean people and the world’s progressives.

From the outset of the new century the humankind’s aspiration to live independently and peacefully on the principle of independence and equality against the US unilateral hegemony moves emerges worldwide as stronger as ever and the struggle for independence against the US forms a main stream of our times.

Today’s reality in which the US desperation for world hegemony under the signboard of counterterrorism is more pronounced proves that the Songun politics of Korea which incomparably enhances the country’s defense capabilities on the principle of giving precedence to military affairs and the national defense, frustrating the US war provocations and proudly demonstrating its prestige and dignity on the international arena, is really the most powerful and realistic mode of politics in our times.

Korea, even in the acute on-going showdown between the DPRK and the US in regard to the nuclear issue, daringly declared on February 10 that it had already possessed nukes and further proposed on March 31 to hold nuclear disarmament negotiations on an equal footing with the big nuclear powers.

Though the US invaded and occupied former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq unlawfully styling itself as the only super power after the collapse of the USSR and other East European socialist countries, its former rivals, now it is in a tight corner in the political and military confrontation with Songun Korea, struck by its powerful anti-US independent stand.

The world’s progressive humankind looks up to Korea which wins only victory in its showdown with the US and exalts its dignity, and makes efforts to study and embody the Songun politics with great attention realizing that the dignified reality of Korea is attributable to the might of Marshal KIM JONG IL’s Songun politics.

The staunch principles evidenced during the DPRK-US showdown and their basis, the Songun politics affect the policy toward the US of the neighboring powers a great deal.

These powers reject the US unilateral aggression and war moves, give priority to strengthening the national independent defense capabilities and strive to form a strong solidarity front against the US on the regional and world dimension.

The independent stance of several European countries which refused to give helping hands to the US invasion on Iraq become an important political tendency to promote a multi-polar system of the world based on the individual independent defense capacity in confrontation with the US unilateral world domination strategy.

Many countries in the Middle East, Central and South Americas and Africa influenced by the Songun politics of Korea step up their efforts to strengthen the military power providing against the US aggression and map out the independent nuclear development program and develop the nuclear energy industry ambitiously.

With the increasing worldwide interest in the Songun politics the enthusiasm to recognize it as a powerful mode of politics to confront the US unilateral hegemonic domination and study it gets momentum in the third world countries and different delegation’s visit Korea to study the Songun politics and upgrade the military cooperation with it.

Driven by the growing anti-US independence trend among the countries greatly inspired by the Songun politics, the US gets more isolated in international institutions and political arena and its unilateralism and hegemony policy face increasing condemnation from most of the countries of the world, even from its allied ones, and doomed to failure.

It can be said also that the denunciation of the US in the international institutions and the strengthening of the south-south cooperation, regional unity and multilateralism among the progressive countries are associated with the rising voice for independence against the hegemony in the world due to the impact of the formidable anti-US offensive and high-handed attitude toward the US by Songun Korea.

The reality that the US faces opposition and denunciation everywhere though it deploys some 300,000-strong troops throughout the world and spends the military budget tantamount to that of all the countries’ military expenses combined now, demonstrates that only by pursuing the Songun politics can it be possible to defeat the US and build a new world, independent, prosperous and peaceful.

Along with the patriotic struggles of the peoples in South Korea, Iraq and other regions against the US military occupation and for national independence, and the ever intensifying aspiration of anti-US independence throughout the world, the US aggression and war moves for unilateral world domination will face but destruction and the just cause of humankind for a peaceful and independent new world will surely emerge victorious.

For the European countries it is of paramount importance in realizing the world’s independence against the US hegemony strategy to conduct united anti-US independent action.

Let the world progressives including the European people strengthen their military capabilities in all ways in close unity under the banner of Songun, smash the US policy of strength by their strong military power and build a new independent and peaceful world free of the US occupation, domination, murder and exploitation! Long live the great Songun idea and Songun politics!

Warmest  Respect to Brilliant Commander of Songun

On April 9, 1993, Great Leader KIM JONG IL was elected chairman of the National Defense Commission of the DPRK amid the rock-firm will and the absolute support of the entire officers and men of the Korean People's Army and all the people.

The election of KIM JONG IL, outstanding statesman and brilliant commander born of heaven and benevolent father of all people, was a landmark event of paramount significance for the destiny and the development of the Korean nation. That KIM JONG IL comprehensively embodied the Songun-based revolutionary line in all fields of revolution and construction at the head of the NDC to open up a new era of Juche revolution, the Songun era, occupies a remarkable chapter in the history of building a socialist fatherland.

Thanks to the great Songun politics of KIM JONG IL the heroic Korean people could achieve brilliant victory and proud successes in defending socialism and building an economic power since the 90s of last century to today, smashing the vicious moves of the US-led imperialist reactionary forces to isolate and strangle the DPRK. KIM JONG IL arranged the north-south summit meetings for two times with the principle of national independence and the courageous decision and adopted the historic June 15 joint declaration and October 4 Declaration, thus turning the inter-Korean relations of mistrust and confrontation to that of reconciliation and unity and ushered in a new era of independent reunification advancing dynamically under the banner of “ By Our National Itself”.

All these eye-catching events are the invaluable fruition of the Songun idea and Songun leadership of KIM JONG IL, the great statesman and great military strategist.

Therefore, the patriotic people of South Korea and the progressive humankind are highly praising the undying feats of KIM JONG IL, who is frustrating the aggression and war moves of the imperialists, defending the world’s peace and security and leading the independent cause of humankind to the brilliant victory by dint of the great Songun politics.

The patriotic people in South Korea are extending thanks to KIM JONG IL who regards the defense of the nation’s dignity and welfare as his greatest mission and reliably defends the destiny of the nation from the war disaster of the outside forces, saying that upholding KIM JONG IL as the NDC chairman is the fortune and glory of the entire nation.

Many progressive organizations and personages over the world are highly praising the greatness and the immortal Songun leadership exploits of KIM JONG IL through seminars, lectures, photo exhibitions and internet homepages every year on the occasion of the election of KIM JONG IL as the chairman of the DPRK National Defense Commission, who safeguards socialist Korea from the imperialists’ aggression and reliably defends peace and security of the world.

The annals of the Songun revolution of  KIM JONG IL who has performed the immortal exploits for the Korean revolution and the global cause of anti-imperialist independence with great idea and leadership will shine forever.

Chairman of  National Defense Commission & the Songun politics

(An article posted on the internet by the Chairman of the South Headquarters of the National Alliance of Youth and Students for the Country’s Reunification)

Yun Gi-jin, chairman of the National Alliance of Youth and Students for the Country’s Reunification, carried an article on the internet under the title “Chairman of the National Defense Commission KIM JONG IL and the Son gun politics” on September 7. The article, referring to the “2007 Reunification-related Seminar of the South Korean Youth and Students-Essay Contest of the Youth and Students” under the subject; the “Songun Era and North Korea, and the Future of the Korean Peninsula” slated for September 9 in Seoul, indicated that the contest, the third of its kind after those in last year and this spring

It held that now research, seminar and publication functions about the various fields of North Korea including the Songun politics are brisk in south Korea, thus the drive for “Correct Understanding of Songun and North Korea” is naturally proceeding, the might of Songun of North Korea is the leadership ability of NDC Chairman KIM JONG IL who leads the Songun ranks in the van, and his Songun leadership plays a decisive role in the politics, economy and diplomatic domains.

The article said that Chairman KIM JONG IL formulated the mode of Songun politics on the basis of President KIM IL SUNG’s idea of attaching importance to arms and left the first footprint of the Songun leadership on the Guards Seoul Ryu Gyung Su Tank Division 105 of the KPA on August 25, 1960.

It added that North Korea upheld him as the KPA supreme commander in 1991 and the chairman of the National Defense Commission of the DPRK in 1993. The article said that KIM JONG IL formulated the Songun politics as the main political mode of socialism through leading the “Arduous March” and the ever-fiercer DPRK-US showdown in the 1990s to victory.

He incessantly made the inspection tours to the KPA units including the posts in Mt. Osong, Cho islet and Panmunjom, it stressed and added that the first boom of the building of the great prosperous powerful nation is the fruition of the Songun politics.

It also said that the influence of the Songun politics is really immense, the common phrases on the lips of the south Korean people are such as “Our general comprehensively copes with everything” and “We’re sure to triumph if our general leads us” due to the broad exchange between the compatriots in the north and south thanks to the June 15 joint declaration, the single-minded unity of the north Koreans who ardently support KIM JONG IL who upholds the banner of Songun and his Songun line is the true looks of north Korea.

The article continued saying that though the struggle to firmly defend the country’s dignity and achieve the prosperity in confrontation with the formidable imperialists is not easy, the compatriots in north Korea are greeting the sunrise beyond the dawn of the nation’s prosperity and feel proud, the fact that the Songun politics, an engine to the independent and peaceful reunification, rapidly spreads and in different countries over the world the enthusiasm for anti-imperialist and anti-US struggle following the banner of Songun is rising.

At the end of the article it stressed that now it is high time for more sincere study of the Songun politics of Chairman KIM JONG IL who provides our nation with the decisive guarantee for victory in the face-off with the US and doles out the merits of Songun to all the people.

The fact that South Korean people's interest in the Songun politics of leader KIM JONG IL is rising day by day is because the Songun politics is an almighty treasured sword which safeguards the destiny of the nation and guarantees the common prosperity of the nation and the building of the great reunified prosperous powerful nation.

Supreme Commander KIM JONG IL and His Impregnable

December 24 this year marks the 19th anniversary of KIM JONGN IL’s appointment as Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army. Since he took the helm of the army, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has demonstrated its prestige as an invincible power, advancing vigorously along the road of socialism in spite of the imperialists’ frantic moves to isolate and stifle it.

Looking back on the closing years of the last century, the United States claimed itself as the world’s sole superpower following the end of the Cold War, brandishing a big stick in the international arena. Its vassal states, in pursuit of its ambition for world domination, joined in expanding the scope of war and aggression against independent countries.  Consequently, the sovereignty of those countries has been trampled upon and, worse still, some of them have been robbed of their territories.

To cope with the prevailing situation, Supreme Commander KIM JONG IL held aloft the banner of Songun. His Songun politics is a new mode of socialist politics which puts forward military affairs as the most important of all national affairs and the army as the hardcore and main force to defend socialism and push forward the socialist cause as a whole. It is based on the principle of Songun that the party, state and people can survive as long as they are defended by the army.

Songun politics had made the country’s military position unassailable.The supreme commander, when the United States was bringing its isolate-and-stifle manoeuvres to extremes, gave top priority to the strengthening of the country’s  defense capabilities and ceaselessly carried on his inspection tours to the military units across the country so as to develop the People’s Army into an invincible force. He set it as a major task for enhancing military capability to equip the army with its unique strategy and tactics, and encouraged the officers at all levels to decisively improve their commanding abilities by acquiring unique combat methods and modern military science. He also ensured that all the service personnel, true to the training –first policy, concentrated efforts on training and intensified it in a realistic war climate, so as to prepare themselves to be combatants possessed of high military techniques and sturdy physics with which to fulfill their  combat duties in any circumstances.

He has also paid utmost concern to developing defence industry, regarding it as the key to developing the country into a socialist power. His leadership bore fruit: the country’s self-reliant defense industry has become further modernized and so contributed to upgrading the army on a higher level; the all-people, nationwide defense system has been consolidated all the more; and the country has possessed a powerful war deterrent. Songun politics has rendered Korea’s politico-ideological position secure in every way.

The traditional single-hearted unity of the Korean society in which all the people are united around their leader in one ideology, mind and purpose has entered a new, higher stage of development under KIM JONG IL’s Songun-based leadership. The socialist are performing with credit their role as the main force in both national defense and socialist construction, and the people are working hard to learn from their spirit and mettle; the unity of the army and the people has been made invulnerable.

Songun politics has  brought about an epochal turn in the building of a great, prosperous and powerful country. Korea, which ranks as a politico- ideological and military power for its national capabilities centred on military capability, is making a historical advance to reach the status of an economic power. The world’s attention is now focused on socialist Korea, where all the people have turn out in the effort to open the gates of a great, prosperous and powerful country in 2012 the year marking the centenary of birth of its founder President KIM IL SUNG  such an amazing reality in Korea is born of KIM JONG IL’s Songun politics. As long as it is led by his Songun-based leadership, Korea will remain forever as an impregnable power.