With Passion and Affection for People

Jan 8, 2018

The Korean people, who have set out on this year’s onward march after hearing the New Year Address of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, are now burning their hearts with pride and dignity in holding in high esteem the peerlessly great man who bestows passion and affection on the people. To look back, he cherishes his dear people deep in his heart. The supreme principle and goal of the Workers’ Party of Korea in its activities are aimed at giving the highest priority to the interests of the people and working for their well-being. The WPK’s dream is to realize the wishes of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and the ideals of the people—this noble intention and political creed of Kim Jong Un are expressed in his continuous forced march devoted to the people. In order to bring happiness to his people at the earliest date possible, he makes tireless efforts, irrespective of whether it is sultry day or biting cold day, or whether it is midnight or dawn. He did a drawing of the shapes of chairs to be set up in a pleasure ground for the people and visited the construction site of a children’s hospital on a rainy day so as to ensure the highest quality in carrying out the projects. When inspecting monumental structures nearing completion, he said that he felt delighted to think of the people laughing merrily and so he found pleasure in carrying out the revolution. When he visited the family of an ordinary worker who moved into a new flat, he shared joy with them, talking to them unceremoniously and filling their glasses with wine as a token of blessing. His passion and affection for people bear good fruits; monumental edifices representative of the times have mushroomed in different parts of the country and the speed of onward march for a leap forward that represents the present era has been created following his forced march for field guidance trips. His devotion to making his people enjoy all the benefits of the world is based on his revolutionary creed to hold them as he holds the great leaders and make every possible effort for their good. The Korean people are well aware of the depth and width of his affection for them, and that they live in the embrace of their Supreme Leader who takes care, on his own responsibility, of their destiny and future with warm feelings and affection for them. That is why the service personnel and other people of the DPRK loudly sing, As our destiny and happiness depend on you, we always wish for your good health, faithfully supporting his ideology and leadership. They are fully determined to bring earlier the day when their centuries-old dreams and ideals would be translated into reality under the leadership of Kim Jong Un.