Victorious conclusion of the 70-day campaign

May 10, 2016

The DPRK celebrated the 7th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea with the victorious end of the 70-day campaign conducted from the late of February to the early of May, Juche105(2016).  During the 70-day campaign to celebrate the party congress as a glorious meeting of victors, the whole party members and people of the DPRK brought about the proud labor results dedicated to the motherly congress of the party through the tireless all-night battles.

The development of Korean style bantam nuclear warhead, great success in the ballistic rocket’s warhead tip re-entry environmental simulation and the jet test of high-power solid-fuel rocket engine are the greatest presents of the defence scientists and technicians of the DPRK given to the 7th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea. In the period of the 70-day campaign, they have achieved eye-opening successes in the 4 leading sectors of the national economy.

In the sector of the electric-power, they fulfilled the plan by 110% when unprecedented leaping successes were recorded in the coal-mining sector and not only the metallurgical sector reached the production target of Juche-based iron, rolled steel and iron ore but also the rail transport sector overfulfilled the freight plan to 124%.

Displaying the principle of giving priority to self-development, they have invented and manufactured 20 kinds of agricultural machinery that are suited to the constitution of Koreans and physical and geographical features of the DPRK together with a new-type highly efficient electric locomotive, up-to-date lorries, buses, freight vessel, solar battery powered excursion ship and etc.

Moreover Korean style mining machines, electricmotors, energy-saving transformer and CNC machinery were developed and produced in succession. Multiple-purpose boat was built and set afloat and the bright prospect of natural energy use was also unfolded. In all sectors of national economy, the mettle of Mallima was demonstrated vigorously. Furthermore, hundreds of crucial objects including Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station No.3 were completed and reconstructed.  They have also achieved great successes in the sector of science research, art and literature, education, public health and sports.

So the 70-day campaign of the whole country was overfulfilled to 144% and the industrial output rose 1.6 times in the comparable period last year. In the days of the 70-day campaign the people of the DPRK demonstrated the true feature of the DPRK united around the WPK breathing the same breath as it and keeping pace with it by devoting pure civic conscience and dedicating their all for the Party.