To Turn the Mountains across the Country into Green Forests

Mar 3, 2018

Pyongyang : The Korean service personnel and people are keenly feeling the patriotic devotion of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to creating a new history of forest restoration in the country.

In November Juche 103 (2014) the Supreme Leader visited the Central Tree Nursery and gave important instructions on expanding the forest resources. Afterwards, on February 26 Juche 104 (2015) he gave a talk to senior officials of the Party, army and state economic organs, titled, Let the Entire Party, the Whole Army and All the People Conduct a Vigorous Forest Restoration Campaign to Cover the Mountains of the Country with Green Woods, in which he unfolded a magnificent blueprint for turning all the mountains into “treasure mountains,” into “gold mountains,” within the coming ten years.

Noting that we can no longer back off from the issue related with the forests and that no one can claim that he is a master of the country, nor can he speak about patriotism, as long as the forests are left as they are, he proclaimed the forest restoration campaign as a war to improve nature, in order not to hand down the coming generations bare mountains, piles of earth.

According to his unshakeable will and resolution, the DPRK has advanced afforestation as an important issue of the Party’s policy, a national strategic task.

The Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the DPRK National Defence Commission and the KPA Supreme Headquarters issued a joint resolution calling on the entire Party, the whole army and all the people to turn out in a dynamic forest restoration campaign, and powerful headquarters for the campaign were formed. And afforestation plans were worked out based on a correct analysis of the state of the mountains throughout the country as well as patriotic enthusiasm of the people and realistic possibilities.