The Korean People’s Army Is Invincible

Feb 3, 2021

The Korean People’s Army Is Invincible - Image

No one can match the invincible Korean People’s Army, and what is the secret?

The first one is that the KPA has been led by outstanding leaders.

President Kim Il Sung (1912-1994), who founded the KPA and defeated the US and Japanese imperialists in one generation, was an ever-victorious veteran commander and outstanding general recognized by the world.

He brought the ferocious Japanese imperialists, so-called leader of Asia, to their knees and defeated the US imperialists who boasted of being “the strongest” in the world.

Chairman Kim Jong Il (1942-2011) was a military commander who administered unique Songun politics and, upholding the banner of Songun, achieved victory after victory in the war without gunshots against the allied imperialist forces under the harsh circumstances created by them to isolate and suffocate the DPRK.

Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un, who is carrying forward the cause of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, is a brilliant general possessed of outstanding military wisdom and art of command and unparalleled courage.

He is gifted with outstanding military wisdom and seasoned commandership of specifying ever-victorious strategies and tactics even under the quite complicated situation, forestalling the aggressive provocation of war by the reckless imperialists with an uninterrupted attack and bringing victory without fighting. And he helps the masses of soldiers develop conviction in victory and unmatched courage, always finding himself among them, and takes care of their life with paternal affection. This is a trait of Kim Jong Un as a peerless strategist and military genius.

The second one is that the KPA is strong in its political, ideological and military capabilities.

Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un turns the KPA into steel-strong ranks firmly rallied through a sense of obligation and devotion, and is paying primary attention to the ideological and spiritual preparedness of the soldiers.

Whenever he inspects military units, he visits the education rooms first, sometimes seeing the soldiers’ artistic performances which reflected their ideological and spiritual preparedness, and other times stressing that the work of ideological education of the soldiers should be intensified. Thanks to his efforts, all the KPA soldiers are firmly armed with the spirit of defending their motherland and fellow people.

The service personnel are firmly rallied around their Supreme Commander, and possessed of ideological and spiritual preparedness with which to go through hell or high water to carry out his orders and directives.

The commanders are prepared to skilfully deal with any operations and battles; the rank and file are prepared physically and tactically through intensive training to carry out any combat missions; all the services and arms are equipped with modern weapons of high strike power and maneuverability, ready for both attack and defence with a powerful war deterrent, and capable of coping with modern warfare immediately and perfectly in any circumstances. It is not fortuitous that the hostile forces do not dare to attack the DPRK even though they consider it as a thorn in their flesh.

The third one is the single-hearted unity and great army-people unity.

The unity between officers and men and between the army and people is a traditional feature unique to the KPA.

The tradition of the unity, fully demonstrated from the first day of the KPA’s founding, has reached the highest level of its development thanks to the leadership of Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un.

The officers of the KPA pay close attention to the health and even slightest concerns of the soldiers. There are a number of officers who rescued their soldiers sacrificing their lives in unexpected emergencies. The soldiers sincerely respect and faithfully follow such officers and regard it as part of their morality and conscience before being their duty to carry out orders and directives of the officers unconditionally and thoroughly.

Often the officers and men sing and dance together during the breaks of training, a vivid scene that shows the relations between them.

The unity between the army and people is the great army-people unity based on strong and noble spirit displayed by the soldiers, not just the soldiers and people helping each other.

The army and people not only regard each other as family members, brothers and sisters and help each other but also share will, life and death.

The KPA is playing the leading role in consolidating the army-people unity, the foundation of the DPRK society, doing many good things for the people under the slogan “Let us help the people!”

In recent years alone thanks to their devoted efforts monumental structures and bases of cultural and leisure activities like the Samjiyon area in the northern part, Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm and Yangdok Hot Spring Resort have been built.

Korean People’s Army under the leadership of Supreme Commander        Kim Jong Un will further demonstrate its might as an invincible army.