The 6th National Loyalty Convention was held in great success. Comrade Kim Jong- Un, the most respected senior leader , attended the conference and gave a congratulatory speech

Jul 28, 2020

The 6th National Loyalty Convention was held in great success. Comrade Kim Jong- Un, the most respected senior leader , attended the conference and gave a congratulatory speech - Image

The 6th National Law Corps Convention was held at the 42.5 Cultural Center in Pyongyang, the capital of July on July 7, with the people of all over the country celebrating a great victory for the Great War of the Liberation of Korea.

Comrade Kim Jong- un , chairman of the Korean Workers' Party, the chairman of the State Council of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea , attended the convention.

Competition includes the receipt was attended by war demonstrate bravery and sacrifice of the movie in the country, the temple has a Su endless bottles of fidelity and Exhibition Merit.

Party leaders, sex, central and armed forces, staff of the Revolutionary Academy, students, and youth students from Pyongyang Xian participated in the competition.

In the middle of the welcoming song, comrade Kim Jong- un, the most respected senior leader , came to the meeting with the war soldiers.

All the participants shouted the cheers of the stormy ‘Long live!’ with the adoration of trust and devotion to the comrade Kim Jong- un , the dearest leader, who is a symbol of the strength and dignity of Jucheo Joseon and Baekjeon Baekseung .

Dear comrade Kim Jong- un , he gave a warm return to the war patriots, true patriots who made an immortal contribution to the history of our Republic.

As per the officials of the government, a long time to charge a group of armed organizations work one choeyoungrim comrade, Yang Hyong-sop comrades, Taejong be comrades, Ri Myong-su comrades, Lyon Non-minded, O Kuk-ryol comrades, bottles of war, including the gimsihak comrades in the comments only became .

Member of the Central Committee of the Political Bureau of the Workers' Party of the Chosun Workers' Party, First Vice Chairman of the Committee of the State Committee of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Dong Rhee Choi, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Supreme People's Assembly, Vice Chairman of the Committee of the Political Affairs of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of the DPRK, Vice Chairman of the State Committee of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Vice-chairman Park Bong-ju, the vice-chairman, joined the comment group .

The leaders of the Party and the government, Lee Byeong-cheol, Lee Il-hwan, and Choi Hui-dong, Choi Bu-il, Lee Man-geon, Oh Su-yong, Jo Yong-won, Kim Yeo-jeong, Kim Yeong-hwan, Park Jung-nam, Lee Hi-yong, Kim Jung-ho and work group members Settled in the commentary .

Comrades from the armed forces, including Comrade Park Jeong-cheon and Comrade Kim Jeong-gwan, came together.

At the competition, comrade Kim Jong- un , the highest-ranking leader of the Party, State, and Armed Forces, the chairman of the Korean Workers' Party, the chairman of the State Council of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea , gave a meaningful congratulatory speech.

In honor of the Victory of the Liberation War of Korea, the dear Supreme Liberation of Korea was greeted with warm congratulations to the war soldiers who participated in the 6th National Lawyers' Convention, all the participants of the Korean War of Liberation, and war exhibitors.

Also, the famous unknown revolutionaries who devoted their noble lives to the temple for the independence and reunification of the country and the people's freedom and happiness, and the Chinese people's supporters, who helped our people's revolutionary war with blood and showed the true example of combative righteousness. He also paid tribute to the soldiers.

The dearest leader of the Greater Leader of Korea, he faithfully supported the Great Leader's leadership, valued the heroic life of the previous generation, who created an immortal threat and created a noble struggle spirit in the fierce battle of the liberation of the Fatherland. He expressed great faith that he would firmly connect the spirit of the 1950s era with the blood of faith.

The congratulatory speech of the esteemed Grand Prix ​​Autonomous magazine, filled with high praise and respect for the great Korean Liberation War participants, with noble comradeship and noble revolutionary loyalty, has stirred the hearts of the contestants.

When the dear Supreme Age Leader Autonomous magazine ended his speech, the cheers of ‘Long live!’ again felt like a storm.

Full Participants are the bottles of war great as a valuable mentor who created history, often Lord and naesewo the grounds of powers height values as the main character chopped giving returns all sorts of Carol of reverence to the best Il comrade 'll refrain from a maximum of honor and hottest audit It was.

In the contest, the Republic of Korea War Victory Memorial instructor, Republic of Korea Hero Kim Seung-unji, had a discussion with the new generation.

He is 0 people one of the new shipbuilding yisimyeo benefactor daily free phone receives who Kim Il Sung General's upcoming country the city was even said while was a poem pillars of belief of our people and the people's army mighty fallen a hundred columns Leader has given to find land, grateful my country He emphasized the unbelief that he could never be stolen and the 7.27 triumph of fighting by burning his heart with only one thought to strike Wonsu even if he dies 100 million times.

Robyeong while we are proud that our descendants proud to become a country it will return to the guardian spirit of the legacy he ryeongjang Steel Kim Jong Un had foe's open revelation, we must win is expressed absolute certainty.

For the dignity and happiness of our people, he better supports our enemies, who care so much day and night , keeping the spirit of defending the fatherland and the revolutionary guardian spirit of the 1950s, and believing in our party no matter what winds come He emphasized that our country would win by asking the new generations to accept, follow, and follow.

On behalf of the youth, Kim Choong-hyuk, a student at Kim Il-Sung University , and Ji Young- min, the military officer of the Chosun People's Army, represented the resolution.

The debaters brought together the hearts of all the nation's youth and the People's Army soldiers to the soldiers who participated in the 6th National Loyalty Convention by the party's great grace and earnestly celebrated them and gave them a hot battle.

They noted that the soldiers of the soldiers who honored the dignity and sovereignty of their homeland from the imperialist invasion and inherited the indomitable protection of their homeland as a valuable legacy are clearly carved into their hearts as examples of true soldiers.

Earnest urge the ward fingers to war, while they give resonate violently heart of the new generation, they great and the hanmoksum young heroes willing to sacrifice for the revolution, the Fatherland party takes over the mind and soul of Tradition era as any earth hardships even in our party He emphasized that he would not change his mind to believe in and follow Man.

The debaters deeply cherished that there was a history of succession and a socialist victory that led to the succession of the leader's resolution, and held a strong determination to carry out the party policy at the forefront of the party by holding and supporting the Party Central Committee with great comrade Kim Jong-un . .

The convention hall boiled vigorously with the loyal enthusiasm of all the participants to reward the great faith and love of our party, who cherished and proclaimed true life as a precious treasure of the country as a generation of revolution.

The dearest President of the Old Territory Autographers once again greeted and warmly greeted all the war soldiers across the country who had established an immortal fear that would shine on the country house.

The sixth nationwide bottles tournament a great leader Kim Il Sung's comrades and Great Leader Kim Jong Il comrade of the jarangchan history and tradition of the win was created under the leadership persistently yieojyeoon to reverence Top Leader Kim Jong-un comrades continued to stand along the leadership gracing a socialist powerhouse construction feat We showed off the unthinkable beliefs and will of our people and the people's soldiers to be completed to the end.

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