Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Has Photo Session with DPRK Friendship Art Delegation

Feb 1, 2019

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Has Photo Session with DPRK Friendship Art Delegation - Image

Pyongyang, February 1 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, on Thursday met the members of the friendship art delegation of the DPRK, who came back home after successfully winding up the visit to the People's Republic of China, at the office building of the Party Central Committee and had a photo session with them. All the members of the delegation broke into cheers, looking up to Supreme Leader of the Party, state and army Kim Jong Unwho not only provided energetic guidance over all the preparations for the art performance so as to make the art performance in China a meaningful occasion in adding luster to the new era of the DPRK-China friendship but also warmly encouraged them far away from the country by sending several messages of thanks to them in congratulation on their successful performance so as to make sure that the song of friendship resounded higher and wider.

Exchanging greetings with the members of the delegation, the Supreme Leader highly appreciated the art delegation for giving the wonderful and enthusiastic art performances reflecting the true intention and sincerity of the WPK and the Korean people for the Chinese party and people to significantly decorate the start of the cultural exchange between the DPRK and China this year and for putting into practice with rich and successful performance the intention of the Party Central Committee to develop the DPRK-China friendship as required by the new era.

Expressing his satisfaction over the fact that the artistes fully displayed high artistic skill and talents and provided smooth performances in China to please the respected General Secretary Xi Jinping and his wife and the members of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people, the Supreme Leader sent thanks to all the members of the art delegation who made active contributions to putting spurs to the emotion and cultural bonds between the two peoples of the DPRK and China and to further consolidating them. He expressed the great belief that the artistes who successfully provided the art performances in China would as ever more courageously conduct fresh performing activities reflecting the Party's ideology and will as active disseminators and mouthpieces of the Party's policies and thus powerfully encourage the Korean people in their struggle to defend the Party and socialism and to build the strong Korean-style socialist state and discharge their honorable mission and duty as core forces for developing Juche-oriented music and art, before having a significant photo session with them.