Started construction of the modern Dongsangganggangan housing area

Apr 2, 2021

With the grand architectural development concept of our Party and the popular masses-first architectural ideology embodied, the construction of the ordinary riverside attic housing zone, which is emerging in a modern way, begins in earnest.

Comrade Kim Jong-un, who is the general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and the chairman of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea , visited the construction site again with the secretaries of the Party Central Committee.

Another rewarding construction began, in which Comrade Kim Jong-un 's grand idea to be brought to our people by erecting a modern attic residential district in the prestigious seat of the beautiful Boonggang River .

In order to enter the construction battle, dear comrade Kim Jong-un looked back at the development of the construction units occupying the site and clarified the construction division area.

Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un emphasized that the construction of 800 households attic housing zones is a target construction that deviates from the idea and intention of the Party Central to renew the aspect of the city with new types of houses and to provide advanced living conditions and conditions to the people. He encouraged all construction units to immediately recognize the importance of the object and to carry out our party's grand capital construction policy with fiery devotion and stubborn practice.

Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un said that he will always reinforce the organizational guidance project for the construction with interest as much as the core construction units are in charge of the target construction.

Dear Companion Kim Jong-un carefully set up the process plan, thoroughly conducted the construction organization and command, thoroughly practiced equipment and material security, and encouraged political and competitive organizational projects for each unit to provide exemplary experiences of urban housing construction in speed battles and skill battles. He said that we must create.

Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un said that it is necessary to conduct strict supervision of construction processes, increase demand, save materials as much as possible, prevent various accidents, and ensure that good construction experiences are generalized to the water supply construction sector.

Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un emphasized the need to improve the natural environment while ensuring the maximum convenience in the lives of residents by doing well in designing the gardens around the residential area and by having better parks in the Ordinary River.

Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un emphasized that the quality of construction should be improved so that the types of loft-style houses and the lip surface-forming elements that look good are uniquely revived. He said that it is necessary to show off the modernity and the independent aspect of architectural development, and to show once again our infinite ideological and mental power that can achieve any century-old transformation, and the potential of the self-reliant economy that is being firmly established.

In the future, comrade Kim Jong-un will continue to thoroughly carry out the policy of formative and artistic architecture based on the correct mix of popularism and ethnicity and modernity proposed by our Party in the capital construction and local construction. Special emphasis was placed on the establishment and a deep interest in cultural environment management, including garden greening.

Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un , recognizing the importance of housing construction, one of the most urgent problems in solving the people's living problem, said that we must implement transformative practices in local construction along with the construction of 50,000 households in Pyongyang.

Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un said that our Party will make further progress in housing and urban management and ecological environment within the new five-year plan period to provide unfavorable material and cultural welfare to the people.

My dear Comrade Kim Jong-un expects that the core construction units with combat power who participated in the construction of the 800 households in the Ordinary River attic Housing District will hold high the grand capital construction policy of our Party, and will quickly emerge as a home of happiness that the people count on And expressed confidence. (End)