Shine forever

Apr 13, 2018

Shine forever - Image

The great leader Kim Il Sung had Fellow Democratic People's Republic of Korea the title of generalissimo is significant that the 26th anniversary of the day from the time you received awards.

In a meaningful time ahead of the Sun, the nation's largest auspicious festival, the heart of the ten million soldiers who meet this day isenthusiastically driven by the desperate nostalgia and mental anguish of the Great Leader who has accomplished great achievements in the Juche revolutionary cause and reparation It is getting hot.

Comrade Kim Jong Eun, the highest leader, said :

Comrade Kim Il Sung is the leader of the steel of the white race and the gifted of the military who pioneered our revolution and led us to victory ."

The golden gorgeous star is shining in the stone gate of Kumsusan Sun Palace .