Pillar of Socialist Cause

Jul 22, 2014

The Korean people’s Army (KPA) is now the pillar of the socialist cause in progress as well as the defender of the country and the people in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The KPA is the main political force that leads the socialists cause. Based on the scientific analysis of the changed situation of the times and actual conditions entering the mid-1990s’ Chairman KIM JONG IL of the National Defense Commission established Songun politics as the main political mode of socialism, and put forward the idea of putting the army before the working class. In other words, he put up the army, the most revolutionary and militant and the strongest in the sense of organization of all social classes, sections and groups, as the main driving force of the socialist cause.

He attached primary importance to the politico-ideological preparation of the army. On his continuous inspections of the KPA units, he looked round the soldier’s halls and libraries to be familiar with political work for soldiers. He also enjoyed simple artistic performances of soldiers and appreciated their high ideological and moral qualities displayed in the performance.

Thanks to him the KPA has developed into the devoted follower and reliable defender of socialism. All the armymen have armed themselves with the socialist idea and principles and cemented their faith and will to devote their all to the victory of socialism. What underpins their spiritual backbone, therefore, is the iron will to value and defend the traditions and principles of socialism to the end, and optimism about the victory of socialism after all trials. 

Noteworthy of ideological and mental qualities of the KPA in particular is infinite loyalty to its Supreme Commander. The KPA soldiers are the originator of the revolutionary soldier spirit, incorporated into which are the spirit of defending their leader at the cost of the life, the spirit of thoroughly implementing the orders of the Supreme Commander and the spirit of heroic self-sacrifice for the country and the people. The very spirit has influenced the whole society, thus elevating the political force of socialist Korea to a higher level.

The KPA has played the leading role, making a breakthrough in socialist construction toward leap forward and advance.  Under any complicated situation the KPA has been reliably safeguarding the supreme interests of the state and the security of the nation. It has now become a powerful force in the economic construction. Its soldiers have proved themselves as miracle workers, upholding the slogan “Let us undertake both the national defense and the socialist’s construction!” Around the end of last century, Korea was suffering from economic difficulties, energy shortage in particular. The role of KPA soldiers as the vanguard was striking; they built such large-sizes power stations as the any Youth Power Station and medium and small power plants all across the country. It was none other than the KPA soldiers who took up the most difficult tasks in the process of nationwide projects of land realignment and large-sizes gravitational waterways in an effort to solve acute food shortage and open up a broad vista of agricultural production.

When the Workers’ Party of Korea called for a new upsurge in the farming of potato and bean and double cropping as a solution to food problem of the people, they took the lead in carrying out the tasks and became a model. The same was the case with the building of factories of light industry, stockbreeding bases and poultry farms equipped with modern technologies as required by the new century. Their spirit of struggle and way of work became prevalent in the whole society, and the great achievements were made one after another in the overall economic construction of the country.

The KPA has become the pioneer of new heyday of the socialist culture. It is important,  Korean Songun politics emphasizes, to establish the sound and noble way of cultural life, for it is closely related to the faith in revolution, patriotism and dignity of the nation, and therefore, the army should take the lead in it as well.

Everywhere there are KPA soldiers, they keep their barracks and other installations tidy, and they provide themselves with a rich stock of supplies; they always look smart in appearance, and establish a lofty way of moral life and scrupulous management of economic life; the marches of the soldiers stir everyone with excitement’ and their life is full of optimism and emotions.  The revolutionary soldier culture has now become popular all over the society, encouraging its people to follow after it. It is one of social trends to sing and dance with vigor and stamina like soldiers, to keep working places and living environment as perfect as soldiers do, and to follow after their exemplary ways of the mss-based artistic and sports activities.


Thanks to the pioneering role of the KPA in every field of politics, the economy and culture, the Korean socialism will be ever-victorious.