Image of the DPRK

Nov 2, 2020

Image of the DPRK - Image

Recently, heavy rains and typhoons hit many regions in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in succession, inflicting serious damages and leaving many people homeless. However, rehabilitation started soon.

And there is something here that attracts the attention of the international community.

It is the special relationship between the leader and his people, the like of which cannot be found elsewhere but only in the DPRK.

On September 5, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un sent an open letter to all the Workers’ Party of Korea members of the capital city Pyongyang from a typhoon-afflicted area on the country’s east coast, appealing to them to turn out in the rehabilitation projects.

On the 6th alone, when his letter was first broadcast, more than 300 000 WPK members in the capital city volunteered.

Among them were not only working people including young people and residents from all strata but honorary WPK members, who had already retired.

Turning out as one to the leader’s call–this is the most important of the national traits of the country.

When the coastal areas of North and South Hamgyong provinces were affected by disasters, major civilian construction forces and the Korean People’s Army units had already been deployed in the devastated areas of other provinces. At this critical situation he sent the letter to the WPK members in the capital city. Then, what was his purpose of sending the letter?

It had two purposes.

The first one was that the WPK should not leave the disaster victims in the open to celebrate October 10 that will mark the 75th founding anniversary of the WPK, and the second one was to consolidate the unity of the whole Party more firmly with affection and love with this as a momentum. This should not be considered a year of calamity and disaster, but a year of struggle, progress and unity in which the country is achieving greater solidarity through a highly intense, arduous struggle–this is his intention.

Although trials and difficulties are severe, all the Korean people are vigorously advancing, firmly rallied around Kim Jong Un.

This is the very image of the DPRK, the country of single-hearted unity.