Heart-to-Heart with the People

Nov 20, 2020

Heart-to-Heart with the People - Image

On the Korean TV channels, one can frequently see Chairman Kim Jong Un having unceremonious conversations with the people.

When they talk to him, they never hesitate to tell their wishes and problems candidly. Someone even asked him a favour of naming her newborn baby. He seems to have his own magic of making them open their hearts.

It is one of his distinctive traits to bow deeply to the people before they do to him.

In June 2018, he visited the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory which is renowned for its Pomhyanggi brand.

When he stepped into the corridor of the finishing workshop, he saw a middle-aged female worker enthusiastically cheering him inside the glass-partitioned shopfloor. As he stopped walking, the accompanying manageress introduced her to him saying that she was the worker poet who had written the lyrics of the song The Girl on a Steed. Then she even sang its first few bars.

On hearing her introduction, he said that it was a pride of the factory to have such a talented person before making a deep bow to the worker.

There are many other similar examples. When he visited a fishery station, he bowed low to the cheering female workers in the fish processing workshop.

In August 2020, he personally drove to flood-hit Taechong-ri in UnphaCounty, NorthHwanghaeProvince to acquaint himself with the situation.

When his car got stuck in the mud, the local farmers helped him pull out. As they felt much obliged to him for his personal visit to them, they took it for granted to push his car out of mud.

However, he said that he was very sorry to cause them the trouble. They were moved to tears.

There is a saying in Europe which goes, “Modesty opens all doors.” Chairman    Kim Jong Un’s infinite modesty is truly his magic to win people’s hearts.