Guiding Principles of Juche Idea Self-Sufficiency in the Economy

Aug 10, 2016

Self-sufficiency in the economy is the guiding principle to apply independence in the economy. Implementing the principle of economic self-sufficiency is, in a word, to build an independent national economy, i.e., an economy which is free from dependence on others and which stands on its own feet, an economy which serves one’s own people and develops on the strength of the resources of one’s own country and by the efforts of one’s own people. Such an economy makes it possible to consolidate the independence of the country, live independently, fully ensure Juche in ideology, independence in politics and self-reliance in national defence and provide people with an affluent material life. It also helps eliminate national inequality and ensure comprehensive national development. It contributes to expanding and developing international economic cooperation on the principle of complete equality and mutual benefits, and thwarting economic plunder of imperialists. It is vital to build an independent national economy particularly in those countries which were backward economically and technically because of imperialist domination and plunder in the past. Only when they build an independent national economy in these countries, will they be able to resist the new colonial policy of the imperialists, free themselves completely from their domination and exploitation, wipe out national inequality, and vigorously advance on the road of independence.

In order to build an independent national economy, it is first of all essential to adhere to the principle of self-reliance in economic construction. Only then, will one be able to develop the economy quickly at one’s own desire and at a high rate by enlisting the efforts of one’s own people and the resources of one’s own country and relying on one’s own financial resources and technology and achieve national prosperity, overcoming all difficulties. Otherwise, when one seeks to build one’s economy by relying on foreign assistance, one is bound to depend on other country economically. Nowadays, self-reliance is based on modern science and technology. Unless one relies on modern science and technology, one cannot raise the country’s economy to the world-class level. If an independent national economy is to be built, the economy must be developed in a diversified and integral manner. The capitalist and imperialist economy is geared to making money, whereas the independent socialist economy is aimed at meeting the demands of the country and the people. Accordingly, an independent economy should naturally be developed in such a multifarious and integral way as to produce independently heavy and light industry goods and agricultural products to make the country prosperous and improve the people’s living standards. Such an economy can also develop safely and quickly on a solid basis.

Equipping the economy with modern technologies and training the nation’s technical personnel in a great number are indispensable for the construction of an independent national economy. Currently, in importance in equipping the economy with modern technologies is to keep abreast of the global trends of the new century, develop cutting-edge science and technology quickly and, on this basis, realize technical reconstruction and modernization of the economy in line with the latest global developments and actual conditions of the country. The present is the era of knowledge-based economy and of brainpower, and a large contingent of talented personnel should be brought up in order to develop the country’s economy. When talented technical personnel who are faithful to their country and people and well versed in modern science and technology are trained in larger numbers as required by the knowledge-based economy and they perform with credit their responsibility and role in their posts, the economy will make rapid progress. In order to build an independent national economy, it is necessary to establish reliable and independent sources of raw materials and fuel.

If one is to be economically self-sufficient and develop the economy on a safe basis and with a long-term perspective, one must depend on one’s own raw-material and fuel sources and mainly meet one’s own demand for them. To this end, one must exploit the natural resources of one’s country to the maximum and utilize them rationally and, at the same time, develop the industry to be a Juche-oriented one which relies on domestic raw materials and fuel from the outset.  Great efforts should be directed to developing foreign trade. The development of foreign trade does not contravene economic self-sufficiency, rather serves as an important guarantee for cementing the country’s economic self-sufficiency and its might. Independent national economy is by no means a “closed economy” and does not exclude foreign trade. Close economic and technical cooperation between countries plays an important part in ensuring economic self-sufficiency in these countries and in increasing their economic power.

Foreign trade should be expanded and developed without letup so as to develop friendly and cooperative relations with other countries. The economic self-sufficiency elucidated by the Juche idea provided a correct guideline for embodying independence in the economic sector.