Dear to top Il Kim Jong-un comrades it was a local map you like the construction equipment in the samjiyon county

Oct 16, 2019

Chairman WPK yisimyeo DPR State Committee yisimyeo the DPRK armed forces commander in chief , who we as a country, the armed party best Il Comrade Kim Jong Un guided the construction sites in the thriving Samjiyeon County, which is finishing the 2nd phase. The members of the Chosun Workers' Party Central Committee were accompanied by Ms. Cho Yong-won, Ms. Kim Yeo-jeong, M. Li-jeong, M. Yujin, M. Park, Chul-chul Park, M. Hong-young, M. Song-wol, and Mawon Chun-dong. The beloved highest leader comrade greeted Yang Myeong-cheol, the chairman of the Samji Army Committee of the Lianggang Province, the Chosun Workers' Party, and members of the field commander of the 216th Division. Dear to top Il finally under heaven by being in April local maps holding a burning ilnyeom be pierced Lodge task by the heroic struggle of the builders are going shake the bravery and wihun movie samjiyon county town district construction of comrades bound by default, the first neighborhood The city's strong weather-lifting Baekdu-ji land has sprung up into the people's Li Sang-yang and mountainous Li-sang city with a beautiful and eccentric new figure.

The beloved Supreme Leader comrades watched the fortified townscape and listened to the detailed report of the Second Phase Public Administration. The beloved High Leader comrades said that all the buildings in the town, reminiscent of the city, were constructed in harmony with the natural forests of Baekdu, while maintaining modern beauty.  The beloved Supreme Master Leader comrades are clearly divided into three areas: Samjiyeongun-eup, Liberal Arts Division, Military Institutions Division, Salivary House Division, Local Industrial Division, Commercial Service Division, Sports Culture Division, Educational Health Division, Tourism Division. He was built to suit the characteristics and environment. The beloved Supreme Communist comrades said that not only public buildings, but also househouses were not only repetitive and uniquely designed, but also various types of buildings were variously and distinctively arranged according to the high and low terrain while utilizing natural characteristics. He said.

The beloved High Leader comrades said that small and multi-storey buildings blended artistically with the architectural demands, and the formativeness and diversity of the buildings were assured, and the quality of construction was intuitively informed, and everything was satisfactory. He said that the more refined the forest paintings in the city sector, the better.

That reverence Top Leader Comrade was that you mention and doeyeotda raise the samjiyon county construction of through the tremendous creative War II was built as a textbook experiences and lessons of local building our Party provincial building a valuable foundation that can realize shine Initiative, one of the revolutionary springboard .

Our beloved High Leader comrades say that we should continue to reverse these demonstrations of significant and significant significance in the future, keeping the local construction throughout our country in accordance with the Juche Architectural Aesthetics. It was. That reverence Top Leader Comrade Great hasimyeonseo hot, there is a new history of samjiyon county jeonbyeon written by people guseulttam the utmost devotion and loyalty of the nation dedicated to the sacred word you can see around the town district several streets and blocks over time He also specifically explained the construction preparation and operation status of commercial service networks. The beloved Supreme Master Leader commenced the construction of Samji Yonmin People's Hospital and Dental Hospital. Since the health department is hibernating, the dear Supreme Leader comrades say that the Samjiyeon Army People's Hospital is the target of the party taking special measures to make up for it. As he started with the design, he said that it would be an example of the local people's hospital where the new century health care needs were fully realized.

The beloved High Leader comrades said that they would make more green space in the hospital area, plant good trees, and provide a place for patients to rest. The beloved Supreme Leader comrades examined the status and readiness of the medical group of the Samjiyeon Army People's Hospital. Dear to top Il Comrade was able to operate you like dealing with modern medical equipment hasimyeonseo'd totally take responsibility provided ever highlighting skills for sikilde better prepare health care workers who are already in the sugar As promised medical facilities samjiyeon minbyeongwon soldiers. The beloved highest leader comrade led the Samjiyeon Blueberry Drink Factory.That reverence Top Leader Comrade blueberries concentrate hundreds of t that doeyeo the modern blueberry beverage production facilities in a building completed at a higher level has a Japanese kept in the various products and raw materials reservoirs are produced in-flow mill pesik process When you see it and express great satisfaction, you are sure of the prospect of this factory, and you said that you were very good at preparing such a plant for Samjiyeon.

Our beloved Supreme Master- in-law commends the project to raise the technical skill level of the employees in line with the modern production process in the factory, and to vigorously foster the struggle to improve the quality of the product and produce the product by using the existing facilities as effectively as possible. He said that various beverages and processed products made from Baekdusan special product and blueberry, a special product of Lianggang, should be made into famous products that are popular among people of the whole country. The beloved highest leader comrade said that the second stage construction of Samjiyeon-gun was well completed, and Samjiyeon-gun-eup was more spectacular than that. That reverence Top Leader Comrade hasimyeonseo and our nation first policy architectural ideals and independent architectural aesthetic ideology, socialist civilization typical of condensed fats mountainous city doeyeotda creation as was envisioned in the party here, sir that the assessment of those home groups importantly, they like If you do not want anything more. Our beloved Supreme Leader comrades concluded that this massive construction project was completed in a time of difficulty, and that the victory of our party's construction sector was a triumph, and the triumph of the great people achieved. He warmly encouraged me that there were many hardships in the difficult environment of the north.

My beloved Supreme Leader comrade told me that it was a pity to not be able to show the great general to the North, but I felt deeply regretted that I would be a little lighter today because I thought I was a warrior's and a child's. He said. To reverence the best Il He comrade I said last time, we are really good people and great to come breasts are hot on the extraordinary pride that goes ahead of time, sir loyalty of our people for the hasimyeonseo will also be impressed sky Cong firm on the party Duri People When he believed in the infinite power of the masses, he said that he would once again carve out that there was no fortress to occupy and no difficulty to overcome. Our beloved Supreme Leader, the nation, is now difficult due to the persistent sanctions and crushing measures of hostile forces, many difficulties and trials ahead of us, but our people have become stronger in those trials, He knew that he had learned to win all the time in his trials. Our beloved Supreme Master-in- law commends that no one will ever think of us in this poverty that we will envy the world, and the process of building the Trinity Army believes in its strength and unites as one. He said that the life of our self-rehabilitation is a marvelous course that is clearly confirmed, and is a valuable revolutionary treasure that will be conveyed to our party history.

To reverence the best Il by Comrade Bowie all kinds of trials and difficulties of our party authority, even in the most critical moment of history and create a good standard, risang of examples of mountainous cities irreplaceable world as me to watch the pride of our country to the whole Builders He said that he would send hot thanks and congratulations. Our beloved supreme leader comrades said that the pain that the anti-Republican forces of the United States conquered before our people is no longer pain but that it has turned into the wrath of our people. The more he tried to tighten, the greater the spirit of self-rehabilitation as a banner, and he urged them to go through our paths with our own strength and keep on living as our enemies hurt their stomachs and their goals.

Our beloved Supreme Master- in-law commends that we should not listen to anyone's help, nor to listen to any temptations, and to define the course of self-sustainment, the way of prosperity as the course of immutable development, and continue the banner of He emphasized the need to go higher. Our beloved supreme leader commends that trials and hardships are higher than miracles and tribulations, no matter how persistently our enemies are caught, that we can live well with our strength and open our way of development and prosperity. He said with full confidence that it is the sum of 2019. Dear to top Il Comrade was given the task you like to be raised in the Phase 3 construction refurbishment for the task and the surrounding areas, farm naseoneun deseo good at finishing stages of construction samjiyon county pack 2. Our beloved Supreme Leader comrades eagerly plead with confidence and victory for victory and eagerly transform the Great General 's hometown into the world's foremost socialist martial arts, by gearing up the construction of Samjiyeongun up to the 75th anniversary. Was.