Dear to top Il Kim Jong-un comrades had He directed the Myoyangsan Medical Equipment Factory

Oct 29, 2019

Dear to top Il Kim Jong-un comrades had He directed the Myoyangsan Medical Equipment Factory - Image

Kim Jong- un , chairman of the Korean Workers' Party, chairman of the State Council of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea , and commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea , was the leader of the Myoyangsan Medical Organization factory, which was reconstructed by our comrade .

Accompanied by the members of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers 'Party were Comrade Kim Yeo-jung, Comrade Yong-won Cho, Comrade Lee Jung-dong, Comrade Hong Young-sung, Comrade Songsong, Comrade Jang Sung-ho, and Chairman of the Chosun Workers' Party Ganggang Hun-dong and Mawon Chun-dong.

Respected Supreme Court Autonomous Region met with local workers in the province, including Park Kwang-cheol, Vice-Chairman of the Pyongan North Island Committee, Chosun Workers' Party, and workers in the factory reconstruction modernization.

Year ago in August to find a factory new reverence for Best Leader Comrade our people are modern hasimyeonseo that sewoya gritty enjoy sufficient medical care benefits footstep the Ministry of Health, contact material and technical foundations conclusively Great Leader had given erected Please hold himself grounds iltteo He gave valuable teachings and took important measures to make Myo Hyangsan Medical Equipment Factory an excellent example of being a leading factory and first son factory in the medical equipment industry.

The esteemed highest automatic land, which lifts the old buildings of the factory, refreshes the modern aesthetics, packs the production environment in accordance with international standards and equips with the latest facilities to provide specific directions and strategies for streamlining and automating the entire production process. He taught me and commissioned the construction of factories in the People's Army. He gave me tasks to take charge of manufacturing facilities at military factories, and dispatched dispatch teams and construction managers covering the Party Central Committee and the relevant personnel to the factories.

To reverence the best Il comrades of the spiral height to take upon shake the local word soldier builders and workers of the factory, employees of, dozens of new and expansion of the target by the vigorous struggle of scientists, technicians and the working class of ryeongwan units, reconstruction construction is It is progressing at the final stage and is fully equipped with localized modern facilities manufactured by our strength and technology, and is preparing for full-scale production of medical equipment prototypes.

The beloved Supreme Master Ching-Jang Auto toured the factory and specifically addressed the reformed modernization.

The beloved Supreme Auto Depot, which looked at the panoramic view of Myoyangsan Medical Equipment Factory, looked back at last year's plant and smiled brightly, showing that the inside and outside of the factory was built as a model factory for the medical sector. I was delighted to say that the layout of the space was good, the architectural aesthetics and the technical aspects were undeniable.

That reverence Top Leader Comrade edge where you can plant large-scale production of modern operating table, disbanded units, medical beds, patient transport milcha, ENT comprehensive therapy, and various medical devices, including dental comprehensive therapy good performance is urgently required in hospitals He was highly respected for being a factory.

The highest-ranking automatic paper, adored , carefully operated the performances of the medical instrument prototypes produced at the factory.

Dear to the highest Leader Comrade examination beds and dental saw himself sitting in the comprehensive therapy sponges nandago a little stiff, rigid feel, especially need to make good smooth headboard as doeneungeot allow patients when receiving dental treatment sitting Fold the long hair back I said.

In case of patient transportation, the side protection frame was slightly touched, and there was a point that the level of precision had not been reached yet.

The esteemed highest grade automatic paper is that the medical equipment we make is finished with a lot of inert steel, aluminium and other metal materials and painted on the metal parts. This is the old method that was done a long time ago. He said that it should be made of resin, that it should be pressed into medical device manufacturing and increase the proportion of resin products.

Dear to top Il Comrade important to make a lot of medical equipment urgently needed to promote protecting the lives of the people but what should be emphasized that hasimyeonseo than producing quality you like this was said earnestly soon as a problem for the people's point of view.

Respecting the highest level of automatic land, all the medical devices produced in the factory should be made at the level of facilities produced in the developed countries, researching the latest medical device data and designing well according to the conditions of our hospitals and patients. Innovative renewal, he said, should develop and produce high-performance and practical medical instruments that are thoroughly secured in quality.

The dear Supreme Auto Delegate pointed out that the factory reconstruction modernization project is proceeding as planned by the party in general, but there are some defects in detail, and that the construction is not being made qualitatively as required by the design and construction method.

The beloved Supreme Autopilot said that the flatness of the exterior wall tiles of some buildings was not well ensured and the seams were not matched, and some parts were not evenly polished, suggesting that the finishing work was not fine.

The esteemed Supreme Auto Delegate was designed by the party central committee mobilized for the reconstruction and modernization business. In order for the workers to report to the central party on time and to finish the qualitative work, we should take measures to guarantee the technicians. I had to sit irresponsibly and sit down and severely rebuke them.

The Party emphasizes all the buildings we construct now as standard buildings representing the Labor era, whenever there is an opportunity to ensure the best quality of the construction, even in the future. The factory, which was set as a model unit of the division and invented by the party, seriously criticized the workers for treating the construction business chronically and practically inconsistent with the party's intentions, and the members of the Party Central Committee were unable to match their hands and feet. .

Dear Supreme Auto Delegate, will dispatch urgently high-level troops with them to correct the shortcomings in the construction process and to complete the factory by the end of the year. He gave instructions about what to do.

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