Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un watched the Gwangmyeong Seongjeol Memorial Performance

Feb 18, 2021

Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un watched the Gwangmyeong Seongjeol Memorial Performance - Image

(Chosun Central Communications departing on February 17, Pyongyang)

Comrade Kim Jong-un, who is the general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and the chairman of the State Affairs Committee of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea , watched the Gwangmyeong Seongjeol commemorative performance on February 16 with members of the party's central leadership.

At Mansudae Arts Theater, the venue for the performance, the great joy and enthusiasm of the participants who saw the grand commemorative performance enshrined the honored general secretary at the historic theater where the spirit and breath of the great leader Comrade Kim Jong- il, who unfolded the enlightenment of the Juche art, is very young This car was overflowing.

While the welcoming song was ringing, the general secretary appeared at the auditorium with Li Seol, and all the participants looked up to Comrade Kim Jong-un, who took a noble sense of responsibility for the party and revolution, the country and the people, and opens up a new development in the construction of Korean socialism. With the greatest homage, he raised the cheers of the thrilling ``Hooray!''.

Members of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea watched the performance together.

The performance was performed by the State Council's performance group, the National Contribution Choir, and artists from major art groups.

The performance, which began as a grand national anthem, was divided into the first and second parts.

In the first part of the performance stage, there were mixed duo and male chorus 《Jeong Ilbong, the Kingdom of Light》, as well as enthusiastic hymns for our general and nostalgic hymns.

The performers embracing the spring light of February and being born as Baekdu-gwangmyeongseong praised the immortal achievements of the desperate patriots who embroidered the sublime history of the devotion of love and devotion that humanity does not know in the long Ryo Jung-woo of the Juche Revolution.

Listening to memorable songs, the viewers reverently looked back on the noble revolutionary life of our general, who laid the strong foundation for the construction of a socialist power with a sacrificial dedication beyond imagination, taking the oath to brighten up the great kingdom of the sun.

Whenever the appearance of the sun of the father-in-law was enshrined in the background of the stage, the endless pride and pride that had revolutionized with the great leader, the great leader of the world, erupted with enthusiasm, and the hall rang.

The first part performance, which ended with the mixed mid-song and male chorus 《Jeong Il-bong's Blizzard》, and the female trio and the male band 《Friendly Name》, is the heart of the viewers to see how high the glory of life was the great glory of the revolution that followed the great general. Inscribed more deeply on each.

In the second part of the performance stage, which began with the song ``The People Are Near the Enemy'', the great general's will of life is high, raising the noble idea of ​​immigration, unity, self-reliance, and convincing our style of socialism as a new victory. Dear scented allows you to Kim Jong un looked up the comrades went to the People's teochin great Ode to the heart.

The great general's greatest patriotic heritage, socialism, for the prosperity of our nation, devoting all the indefinite logos to the people's destiny to serve as the sun of destiny, the general secretary who unfolds the new era of our state-firstism and the dialogue of popular mass-firstism Songs of conviction resonated in succession and heated the intestine.

The performance that showed off our people's will to win the great victory of the whole people's hostile march for the conclusion of the party's 8th Congress, by uniting more firmly in the door of Comrade General Secretary, was a mixed mid-song and male chorus. Fly High Our current period, female solo and mixed chorus, “People are one-sided” ended.

At the request of Comrade General Secretary, the whole people's hymn ``Friendly Name,'' which our people loved, singing the endless glory and happiness that honored the father General, resounded again, and thrilled the hall with infinite passion and joy.

Comrade General Secretary expressed great satisfaction with the performances of the performers who showed the people's desperate longing for the great general and the fiery oath to faithfully support the leadership of the Party Central in their excellent artistic form.

A flower basket in the name of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea was delivered to the performers amid passionate applause and applause.

The members of the Party's central leadership organization recognize that they are in heavy and honorable progress in front of the Party, the revolution, and the people, and are the General Secretary Comrades who have repeatedly expressed great love and encouraged passionately to fulfill their responsibilities and roles as organizers and riders in the struggle for the conclusion of the Party Congress. We pledged our determination of loyalty to strive with one heart and soul for the brilliant implementation of our Party's grand program of struggle.