Commemorative speech of Comrade Kim Jong-un at the National Defense Development Exhibition

Oct 14, 2021

Commemorative speech of Comrade Kim Jong-un at the National Defense Development Exhibition - Image


Today, we have the opportunity to see the development of the national defense force of our glorious homeland, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, at a glance.

I warmly congratulate the comrades who participated in the National Defense Development Exhibition, which condensed the advancedness, modernity and usefulness of our Joseon Dynasty.

The Defense Development Exhibition “Self-defense-2021” held today is celebrating the anniversary of the founding of our Party this year even more meaningfully and making it more colorful.

As its name suggests, this exhibition of defense development will enable intensive and intuitive knowledge of our Party's grand ambition, leadership, and practical execution power, which is opening a new era of strengthening the national defense force by unchangingly upholding the line of invincible self-defense. It is a grand celebration that shows off the phenomenal development of the national defense science and munitions industry and its dazzling prospects.

Today's grand exhibition, in which our Party's revolutionary defense policy and its brilliant vitality are gathered, becomes a speculative demonstration of national power that is as significant as a large-scale military parade.


In response to the demands of the rapidly changing military power in the changed subject and objective conditions and environment of our revolution and the global dominance, we must reliably protect the safety of our country and develop a stronger and more absolute force for the eternal dignity, happiness and well-being of all descendants. The path of the defense industrial revolution of life-and-death resolution that our Party inevitably had to carry out over the past five years with a historic mission, and unknown paths of life, comes to mind vividly.

The path to development of national defense power over the past five years, in which the turning points of severe ordeal and moments of heartbreaking joy are engraved on every page, is a rewarding revolution that is extremely proud and very glorious in front of the Party, the country, the people and future generations. It was a road of patriotism, a journey of great victory.

Here in the exhibition hall, it is impossible to casually look at the armaments of the past five years.

The more we sweep, touch, look, and look at, the more our infinite pride and self-esteem grow.

It would never have been without the faith and fervent love of the country of the whole people, who unconditionally and absolutely supported our Party's defense strengthening policy while preparing for even harsher suffering and trials as a result of the persistent anti-DPRK maneuvers of the hostile forces, who are fiercely afraid of our becoming stronger. These are things that could not have been accomplished.

In each of these armed devices, there are many unforgettable stories that our defense scientists and the military working class have followed our Party through thousands and thousands of hardships on the road to national defense construction, and they It is full of thick blood and sweat.

Our defense scientists, engineers, and the military and labor class have always unconditionally and unconditionally accepted any demands and determinations of our Party, and exerted infinite fidelity and heroism in the way of realizing the historic cause of strengthening national defense power.

I would like to take this opportunity to meet with scientists, engineers, and veterans in the defense industry, who have contributed to the achievement of outstanding and up-to-date achievements that bring to mind the world-wide mighty national defense power that has never been achieved in the founding history of our republic and satisfy our people's long-cherished aspirations. In the name of the Party and the government, and with the hearts of all the people, I refrain from giving warm thanks to the entire military working class.

I also express my sincere gratitude to all the people.

I believe that this exhibition will be an exhibition of victors summarizing our great victories, an exhibition of encouragement and inspiration that adds infinite strength and courage to the defense sector and the people of the whole country, and an enterprising exhibition that promotes the faster and more vigorous forward development of our style socialist construction. I'm sure it will be.


The essence of our party's defense policy is to defend the country and people by its own power, and to suppress any threats and challenges and reliably and unwaveringly safeguard peace with a strong defense force that is constantly developing and improving.

Our Party has historically suffered hardships due to foreign aggression, and the lessons of our national history that we must build socialism in the face of constant threat from hostile forces that continue for centuries, and the work of strengthening national defense against the demands and peculiarities of the Korean revolution, are It is becoming an essential and vital important national event that the government and the people should not miss for a moment.

If the self-defense force is not attained at a reasonable level, it is bound to be dragged and coerced by external military threats, and furthermore, it is impossible to protect the very existence of the state and its people.

In today's world, with the rapid development of military technology and armed equipment, the patterns of military operations and the safety environment of countries in each region are changing.

The military risk that has been created in front of our country from the military tension around the Korean peninsula is different from what it was 10 years ago, 5 years ago, or even 3 years ago.

While talking about peace, cooperation and prosperity, they said that they were dealing with any kind of threat, and you can see the contents of the various military exercises that the United States and south Korea frequently hold. Looking at it, you can easily guess the future that the military environment of the Korean peninsula will change.

Recently, with the strong support of the United States, South Korea is attempting to renew its military's combat power by attracting stealth joint strike fighters, high-altitude unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, and a vast array of advanced weapons.

In addition, after the recent revision of the missile guidelines, it has emphasized its own defense technology and modernized various offensive military equipment such as development of different warheads and enhancement of range, as well as enhancement of missile capabilities that can be seen inside, such as reinforcement of submarine power and development of fighters. Dedicated to trying.

It would be dangerous to neglect such a virtuous attempt by South Korea, but what is even more dangerous is their cause for modernization of their arms and their hypocritical and violent double attitude.

The South Korean authorities, who are doing their best to take away our right to develop a self-defensive national defense force, even our commercial weapons tests have been labeled as violent provocations, threats, and inappropriate acts that heighten tensions, and hostile forces including the United States. They are taking the initiative to voice their anti-republican voices.

Now, in South Korea, the words “provocation” and “threat” are used as “only terms for North Korea.”

The hypocritical attitude of South Korea, which is raising its enthusiasm for armaments under the so-called righteous sign of shackling the shackles of bondage by upholding the unlawful and ruthless United Nations resolution on the development of our self-defense defense power and unilaterally setting itself up against any threat. The tacit protection of the United States and North Korea continues to undermine the sentiment between the north and the south, and the unrestricted and dangerous attempts to strengthen the military power they pursue are destroying the military balance in the Korean peninsula and increasing military instability and danger.

Under the absurd pretext of suppressing our threats, South Korea has openly expressed its desire to gain an edge over us in military power on various occasions, and invariably used the pretext of suppressing our threats and safeguarding peace as a pretext.

The regulation of us not as a partner for dialogue and cooperation, but as a threat and a target to be suppressed, is an intensive expression of the deep-seated anti-DPRK hostility that cannot be hidden even if we pretend to be invisible.

We express our great regret for the reckless ambition of south Korea and the double, illogical, and robbery attitude that promotes unfairness toward the other side and damages emotions, and we will never tolerate any further attempts to undermine our right to self-defense. and will face it with strong action.

However, as long as South Korea does not risk us, and as long as it does not touch the exercise of our sovereignty, I assure you, there will be no tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Otherwise, we would never have a war of words with South Korea, and there is no reason to do so.

Again, South Korea is not a target for our armed forces to deal with.

Obviously, we are not strengthening our national defense capabilities by targeting south Korea.

The terrible history of using armaments amongst the same peoples in this land must never be repeated.

To reiterate, we are not discussing war with anyone, but rather to prevent war itself and to literally increase war deterrence for the protection of national sovereignty. concept.

Our main enemy is the war itself, not South Korea or any particular nation or power in the United States.

So, as I said in my last address on the administration, I hope that the South Korean authorities and the overall South Korean society's view of the DPRK should suppress the threat from North Korea as soon as possible, putting away the old and outdated worries and dreamy sense of duty and escaping from the excessive sense of crisis and victimization. only.

We should not judge the situation created spontaneously, emotionally, or subjectively, but look at it with coolness and precision.

Even if it is not the excessive military obesity and excessive greed in south Korea that are the problem, the change in the military-political environment around the Korean peninsula now under the control of the United States presents many prospective risks and raises the urgency for us to transform into a more powerful entity.

The United States has been sending frequent signals in recent years that it is not hostile to our country, but there is no behavioral basis for believing that it is not.

If there are not only idiots in the world, I am very curious about who believes their words that the United States is not hostile to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and if there are people or countries that believe in it.

The United States is still creating regional tensions with its wrong judgments and actions.

What is clear is that the political instability in the Korean peninsula cannot be easily resolved due to its origin in the United States.

Judging from this reality, if we are so arrogant about the achievements we have already achieved in strengthening our national defense power, and if we step back even for a moment on the road of development and take a breather, the regional military balance will be jeopardized day by day, and our country will suffer from even worse security insecurity. You may face a threatening situation.

Under the unstable current situation created on the Korean peninsula, constantly increasing our military power correspondingly is the demand of our revolution of the times and it is the responsibility of the earth that we stand in front of the revolution and the future.

The reality is demanding that we accelerate our efforts to equip ourselves with the power and means to reliably manage real-world concerns and threats without the slightest arrogance and retaliation.

Efforts to possess a strong military force should become a legitimate self-defense, obligatory right, and a core national policy that a sovereign state must not miss for a moment, whether in a peaceful environment or in a confrontational situation.

This is because self-defense is the root of national existence and guarantees development.

We will face all kinds of savage acts of hostile forces that cause military tension in the Korean Peninsula region with a strong and determined attitude, and will gradually resolve and eliminate the causes that shake the foundation of a peaceful environment so that a firm peace can be established in the Korean peninsula region. We will do our best to promote it.

However, any external efforts we make for peace are not renunciation of our right to self-defense.


The 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) presented specific tasks for making the military and technological strength held by Korea more irreversible by carrying out the 2nd Defense Industrial Revolution during the five-year planning period in the fields of defense science and munitions industry.

The basic goal is to further strengthen the already prepared war deterrence in mass and to further accelerate the development and production of strategic and tactical means essential for national security.

What our Party believes is the indomitable revolutionary spirit and exceptional patriotism of our defense scientists and the military and labor class, who unconditionally create unprecedented miracles if the demands of the party and revolution are demanded, with extraordinary and intelligent brains and talents, and long-term hardship. It is a powerful military industry foundation that has been firmly established in the

In the days of the first stage of the national defense industrial revolution, our Party fully grasped the fidelity and ability of defense scientists and engineers, and the potential of each unit and human resources, and made it a constitutional practice to stand up and fight for the country and people without hesitation. As long as there are revolutionary warriors, we have solidified the conviction that we can successfully capture the cutting-edge goals of strengthening our national defense capabilities.

What strengthens this devotion and makes us happy in a new stage of victory is the presence of a large group of creative young scientists who unconditionally carry out the Party's intentions in a creative way as always when the Party Central Committee envisions it.

These young talents are the strong supporters of the present and evangelism of our defense industry, and are the great strength of the Party and the country.

Also, as always, there are our proud military workers who are infinitely loyal to the Party and the revolutionary cause.

The party places great expectations on our scientists and the military working class.

Now, our self-defense force will continue to change.

A stronger, more complete, and stronger strategic force will be achieved in carrying out our just patriotic cause because of our Party's firm will and accurate leadership, and the presence of defense scientists and military workers who are unconditionally loyal to the Party and the revolution. , the war deterrent will protect the safety and future of our country and people.


The real purpose of our large-scale defense development exhibition today is to use this as an opportunity to inspire defense scientists, engineers, and the military working class, and to inspire new confidence and courage among the people, but the basic principle is to further develop the country's national defense capabilities. It is meant to be driven.

Looking back on the glorious history of the defense industry, which has satisfactorily raised our defense capabilities to the level required by the stage of revolutionary development, we do not only feel proud, but we do not stop at feeling proud of ourselves, but we do not stop at the strong efforts made with blood and sweat for more than half a century and the development achieved. You have to think of using it as a strong footing, stepping on it, and leaping higher.

Through this exhibition, the defense industry sector accurately and comprehensively analyzes and evaluates the achievements and development level so far, and based on this, conceives and designs the breakthrough development in each field, exchanges and shares the excellent experiences accumulated so far, and promotes higher standards in the future. You will have to come up with a strategy to get up to speed faster.

Everyone should deeply embrace the grand national defense development strategy proposed by the 8th Congress of our Party and contribute to national defense development by being a hundred times more courageous.


Our Party is open to the demands of the revolution and the circumstances of the situation to the comrades, and is gaining great strength from the solid attitude and patriotism of the comrades.

It is emphasized once again, but it is our Party's most important policy, goal, and uncompromising will to possess and continuously strengthen an invincible military force that cannot injure anyone.

All the comrades gathered here should look back at the actual conditions of their sectors and units in a calm manner in light of the great achievements achieved by our defense industry sector, and decide again what kind of performance they will present in front of the party, state and people. We also need to renew our resolve in terms of supporting as much as we can for further development.

Of course, the country's economic situation is difficult, and there are important tasks to hurdle steps and compete against time in other sectors. You should keep in mind that you can't even think about it.

Without a strong self-defense force, we cannot expect the successful implementation of the internal and external policies of the Party and the government, and we cannot think of the stability and peaceful environment of the country.

All the people should regard it as the greatest patriotism to strengthen the national defense capability in accordance with the consistent and strong will of our Party and Government, and spare no effort to provide financial support.

We must be strong even for our future generations. First you have to be strong.

Let us not forget the oath we all made to the country, the revolution and the people, and with the faith and confidence of victory, let us lavishly dedicate our bodies, minds, wisdom and passion to the sacred cause of strengthening our great nation's defense power in every way.

Welcome once again to today's event to experience our proud military power up close. (End)