Benevolent politics

Oct 14, 2017

The Juche-based revolutionary theory uniquely elucidates that the socialist mode of politics embraces benevolent politics, Songun politics, socialist democracy and the Taean work system, whose pivot is benevolent politics and Songun politics.

Benevolent politics is, in essence, a mode of politics that takes responsible care of the destiny of the masses of people with love for and trust in them. Power politics rules a country by means of power and plutocracy with the help of money, but benevolent politics does with infinite love for and trust in the masses of people.

It is the politics of genuine love for the people that sees the masses of people as God, takes responsible care of their physical life as well as socio-political one, does even what is considered impossible if they wish and spares nothing for the good of them. It is an all-embracing politics that shows love and trust in broad masses of people of all social standings equally and the main political mode of socialism.

Benevolent politics constitutes the main political mode of socialism because, first of all, it is a political mode which makes it possible to manage and run society to suit the essential features of the socialist system.

In socialist society relations of love and trust, unity and cooperation are established between all its members as they share the same positions and interests, and they build the basis of social relationship. Therefore, in socialist society love for and trust in the masses of people constitute the essence of socialist politics and benevolent politics becomes the main political mode of socialism.

Another reason is that benevolent politics is a political mode that consolidates the single-minded unity of the leader, Party, army and people, the driving force of the revolution, in every way.

Socialist society is based on collectivism and steadily develops on the strength of single-minded unity of the leader, Party, army and people. This single-mindedness, the highest stage of unity and cohesion of the masses of people, is achieved and its might can be fully demonstrated only by politics of love and trust, benevolent politics.

It is also because benevolent politics is a political mode which enables the masses to defend their position and play their part as masters in the governance of state and society.

Socialism is a society in which the masses of people are the masters of state and society. Therefore, it should rely on a new socialist mode which will also help them play their due role as masters in their governance. Benevolent politics is a political mode which makes it possible for them to keep their position and play their role as masters in the management and running of the state and society.

To elect a political leader with infinite love for the people is foremost in administering benevolent politics in socialist society.

The socialist political leader should be a servant of people who loves and devotes his all to them. If he lacks capacity, the progress of socialist society may be delayed, but if he has no benevolence, he would betray his people and finally bring socialism to ruin.

The socialist ruling party should be built to be a motherly party.

It means making the party a genuine guide and protector of people that takes responsible and meticulous care of the masses as a mother does her children. The socialist ruling party, the party of the working class should be built to be a motherly party that gives priority to the protection of their interests and fights against those who encroach on their interests.

All officials should be educated in the spirit of infinitely loving and faithfully serving the people and they should fight uncompromisingly against all practices that are contrary to it.

They should always think of people first and pay primary attention to their livelihood, rack their brains and make sincere efforts to solve the problems that arise in improving their livelihood and do as many things for the good of people as possible. Such practices that the officials do not work devotedly for the good of people should be eliminated and, in particular, abuse of power, bureaucratism and irregularities and corruption be strictly rejected.

As the Juche-based revolutionary theory clarifies the idea and theory on benevolent politics in full measure, a fresh understanding has been established of the main political mode that suits the intrinsic features of socialist society and powerful guidelines have been provided to correctly administer socialist society and dynamically advance the socialist construction by enlisting the masses of people by dint of love and trust.