75th Birthday of Comrade KIM JONG IL celebrated

Feb 4, 2017

Kathmandu: To mark the 75th Birthday of Comrade KIM JONG IL, eternal General Secretary of WPK and Great Leader of the Korean People, a talk programme was organized by Nepal Journalists Association (NJA), NJA for Studying Juche Idea & Songun Policy and ARIJI at its Central office situated at Kalimati on 4th Feb. 2017.

The programme was chaired by President of Nepal Journalists Association Dr. Manju Ratna Sakya. Likewise, former Deputy Prime Minister and General Secretary of CPN-ML Hon’ble Mr. C.P. Mainali was the Chief Guest.

At the programme, leaders of different political parties, Government officers, media personalities, social workers, professors, lawyers as well as the people from various walks of life were present.

Former Deputy Prime Minister and General Secretary of CPN-ML Hon’ble Mr. C.P. Mainali said: Comrade KIM JONG IL systematizes and developed in a comprehensive way the Juche idea and the Songun idea authored by the President KIM IL SUNG so as to ensure that it shone brilliantly as an ever-victorious revolutionary theory guiding the cause of independence of the masses.

Chief of International Department of CPN-Maoist of Biplob group Mr. Dharmendra Bastola said Great Leader KIM JONG IL was a great saint who by victoriously lead the DPRK-US showdown secured peace for billions of people.

Chairman of Study Forum for Self-Reliance Mr. Subhash Kaji Shrestha said  Comrade KIM JONG IL developed unique army first politics which is unique in its organic combination of both military and political affairs.

General Secretary of Study Forum for Self Reliance Women’s Committee Ms. Rashmi Shrestha praised on the contributions made by Great Leader KIM JONG IL for the  development of DPRK.

General Secretary of Nepal Journalists Association Mr. Nirmal Kumar Aryal praised  Juche idea and Songun Policy.

Politbureo Member of Federal Socialist Forum, Nepal Ms. Rekha Yadav highlighted on the existing friendly relations between Nepal and DPRK.

While delivering welcome speech President of NJA Dr. Manju Ratna Sakya expressed happiness in celebrating 75th Birth Anniversary of Great Leader KIM JONG IL and said the contributions made by Comrade KIM JONG IL will be written by golden figures in World history.

Further, NJA Supremo Dr. Sakya said Kimsungism-Kimjongilsm has clearly proved its correctness and vitality through the past and present history of the DPRK resplendent with victory and glory.

NJA Supremo Dr. Sakya also wished a long life, good health and prosperity of Supreme Leader Marshal KIM JONG UN.

Senior Journalist Mr. P.R. Pant delivered the vote of thanks.

One minute Silence was marked presenting deep tributes to Great Leader KIM JONG IL.

The books on President KIM IL SUNG, Great Leader KIM JONG IL and Supreme Leader Marshal KIM JONG UN were also displayed and distributed freely to all participants.