Marshal Kim Jong Un Speech on 70th anniversary of WP of Korea

Oct 18, 2016

“Today, with great pride in and joy of being victors, we are greeting the October holiday, flying high the flag of the Workers' Party of Korea in the sky.

For our country and people, October 10 is a meaningful revolutionary holiday when they celebrate the birth anniversary of the genuine vanguard of the revolution, its militant General Staff, which has taken responsibility for their destiny and leads them.

Availing myself of this meaningful opportunity, when we are proudly looking back upon the sacred history of the Workers' Party of Korea that is resplendent with victory and glory, I would like to extend, reflecting the boundless reverence and loyalty of the millions of members of our Party and all service personnel and people, the noblest respect and infinite glory to the great Comrade Kim Il Sung who founded our glorious Party and the great Comrade Kim Jong Il who is the eternal General Secretary of our dignified Workers' Party of Korea.

My noble respect also goes to the anti-Japanese revolutionary forerunners, martyrs of the People's Army and other patriotic martyrs who dedicated all their precious things to promoting the development of our Party and the prosperity of the country in loyal support of the great leaders.

Our people, with unfailing loyalty to the Party, have tided over all challenges and difficulties in the red revolutionary spirit of Paektu to glorify the 70th anniversary of its founding as a revolutionary, auspicious event, thereby performing unequalled feats of labour and preparing gifts dedicated to their motherly Party.

As I am standing in the square of victors, the venue for celebrations, which is brimming over with our people's fervent loyalty, I am so grateful to them for this venue of today which would have been unimaginable separated from them, and at this moment I am seeing the dear people with deep respect.

Our Party has been able to propel the revolution over the past 70 years without flinching whatever the storms, achieving only victory and glory, because this great people have entrusted their own destiny entirely to it and followed it in faithful support of its cause.

The history of our Party is just the path travelled by our great people, its might is their might, its greatness is their greatness, and its victory is the victory achieved by them.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Party I, on behalf of the Workers' Party of Korea, extend warm thanks with a deep bow to all the beloved people who have infused our Party with inexhaustible strength and courage and remained faithful to it in every grave period of the revolution, sharing weal and woe with it in overcoming the harsh trials of history by dint of unyielding willpower.

My heartfelt congratulations and warm thanks go to our trustworthy members of the Party, heroic officers and men of the People's Army and laudable young vanguard, who, in hearty response to the Party's appeal, have worked with patriotic devotion and created one heroic miracle after another shortening ten years to one on all fronts of building a thriving socialist nation, so as proudly to enter the venue of the grand festival of victors.

At the same time I warmly welcome our overseas compatriots and foreign friends who are here to congratulate our people on this auspicious day.


The history of the Workers' Party of Korea is a proud course it has traveled shouldering the destiny of the people and leading the Korean revolution to victory under the guidance of the great leaders.

President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il built ours into an invincible revolutionary party, a genuine political leadership organization, which serves the people and advances in unity with the masses, the first of its kind in history.

Despite all the difficulties, our Party has always charged forward with iron nerves in any adversity, ushered in a new age of epoch-making changes on this land, and scored only great victories.

In the whirlwind of history, our Party has trusted our great people only, and they have been its only supporters, advisers and assistants.

The history of the world revolutionary movement teaches the lesson that irrespective of whether it is a ruling one or has a long history, the leadership authority and fighting efficiency of a party do not rise of their own accord nor can it lead the revolution effectively.

The high authority our Party enjoys today and the great exploits it has performed are the fruition of the brilliant revolutionary ideas and outstanding leadership of the great President and General, who formulated the revolution as the affection for and trust in the people and applied this definition to its building and activities in a thoroughgoing way.

In having struck its roots deep into the people's mind and served them only with devotion lies the secret of our Party's leading the cause of independence, Songun and socialism without letup in the face of the tribulations of history while maintaining a firm grip on the steering wheel of the revolution.

The Workers' Party of Korea is an invincible one that has achieved oneness with the masses of the people.

In the whole period of leading the revolution, our Party used to call the people first, lend an ear to their opinions, though simple, and draw unquenchable courage from their sincerity whenever it was trying to identify a course it must follow and whenever it faced grave trials.

Bearing full responsibility for the political integrity and material and cultural life of the people and taking care of them has been a matter of paramount importance for our Party and a mission it cannot neglect even for a moment.

As our Party has always regarded the masses of the people as the root of its life and as the source of its inexhaustible strength and given top and absolute priority to their interests, our people have followed it believing it as the genuine guiding light of their destiny and as their mother, and a grand flower garden of single-hearted unity has made its proud appearance on this land.


The might of the Workers' Party of Korea which struggles for the people lies in the fact that it has powerful revolutionary armed forces.

Our people have keenly realized the truth that a people without arms is destined to become a ruined nation and that their dignity and happiness are guaranteed by revolutionary arms.

Our revolutionary armed forces have always been a powerful treasured sword in defending the country, the revolution and the people, and a mighty vanguard force and shock brigade that takes the lead in the struggle for the country's prosperity and people's happiness.

In the course of organically combining defence of the country with socialist construction after putting forward the line of promoting economic construction and building up defence capabilities in parallel, our Party gained valuable experience in radically increasing the overall national strength by itself and at the same time improving the people's standard of living even though it lacked in everything.

Today our Party can proudly state that our revolutionary armed forces are capable of fighting any type of war the U.S. imperialists opt for, and have made full preparations for firmly defending the blue sky over the country and the security of the people.


The source of the unique pride for the Workers' Party of Korea is the large contingent of young people who have been trained to shoulder the future of the revolution and the nation.

Foreseeing the protracted nature of the revolution in the initial period of its founding, our Party set attaching importance to young people as its strategic line and has trained them into warriors for the implementation of the cause of the Juche revolution.

The entire Party has paid constant concern to educating young people and boldly tasked the youth league with large projects. Under the trust and affection of the Party that has put them forward as its young vanguard our young people have volunteered in every period of the revolution to serve at the posts for national defence and work in difficult and challenging sectors, and displayed their youthful wisdom and courage to the full.

The proud and grand youth monuments in various parts of the country, including the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station, which our young people have recently set up by devoting their patriotic sweat and dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Party founding graphically show how the reserve force of the Workers' Party of Korea is being prepared and how the lineage of the Korean revolution is being carried forward.

As our Party has spared nothing for young people, our country has now greeted a fresh heyday in the youth movement and is demonstrating its might as the one and only great youth power, in which the youth problem has been solved perfectly.

The historical course our Party has travelled leading the Korean revolution to victory through thick and thin eloquently proves that there is nothing to be afraid of and there is nothing impossible if there are a people faithful to their party and a powerful revolutionary army and large contingent of young people.

The lifeline of a revolutionary party, its strength and its bright future are dependent on attaching importance to the people, to the army and to young people – this is just the invaluable summing up of the 70-year history of our Party.

By continuing to hold fast to the three-point strategy of attaching importance to the people, to the army and to young people as its foremost weapon, our Party will advance forward vigorously towards final victory and accomplish the Korean revolution.


The Workers' Party of Korea organizes and guides all the victories of our people.

The infinite glory and invincibility of our Party originate from holding up the great President and General as its eternal leaders and enjoying absolute support and trust of all the Korean people.

If our Party is to lead Korea to a bright future, it must invariably defend its revolutionary nature as the party of the great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism both in name and in reality and exalt its brilliance in every way.

The great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is, in essence, the people-first principle, and the mode of existence of our Party is serving the people.

True to the ennobling intentions of the great President and General who administered for the first time in history the politics of prioritizing, respecting and loving the people and devoted their all throughout their lives to the good of the people, our Party will, in the future, too, strive to add glory to the sacred history of the people-first principle.

The entire Party will conduct its building and activities only as instructed by the great President and General, and make selfless, devoted efforts for the benefit of the people by thoroughly applying the people-first principle to its overall work, thereby enhancing its fighting efficiency in every way possible.

The genuine feature of the Workers' Party of Korea will be expressed in the appearance of the country that is transformed under its leadership and in the looks of the people who always smile happily.

The people are the most precious as they constitute the foundation of the country, and nothing is more sacred than their interests.

Our Party will cherish the people's sincere loyalty to it as the greatest asset of the revolution and bring earlier everything splendid of the future by shouldering all the burdens and clearing a thorny path for the sake of our brave, resourceful and beautiful people.

It will, in the future, too, endeavour to fulfil its heavy yet sacred mission as a motherly party that, full of infinite vitality and untiring zeal, invariably works with affection for the people and devotes its all to their interests. It will also remain boundlessly faithful to its basic duty of taking full responsibility for their destiny whatever the storms.

The Party respects and believes in the people as in heaven and regards them as its mentors, and they boundlessly trust and follow it as they would do their mothers–this single-hearted unity is precisely the true appearance of Korea and the great foundation of the Songun revolution.

Our officials should imbue their hearts with the Party's intention of respecting the people and its affection for them, be infinitely polite to them and clear a path, whether snowy or muddy, to realize all their wishes. In this way they can ensure that cheers for the Workers' Party, for the single-hearted unity and for socialism resound throughout the country.

It is our Party's belief that all its members, service personnel and working people, regarding their workplaces, military posts and villages as those in the garden of the office of its Central Committee and always sharing their innermost thoughts with it, will fully display their unstained loyalty and patriotism in the efforts to implement its ideas and defend its policies.


Our Party will make proactive and persevering efforts to bring earlier the bright day of national reunification, the greatest wish of the Korean nation, resolutely frustrating all sorts of obstructive schemes by foreign forces by dint of single-hearted unity and Songun.


As the working people exist for ever, lasting justice and victory will be ensured by the struggle for the people and together with the people.

Regarding as a paragon the noble ideas and achievements of the great President and General, who devoted their whole life to training the people by believing in them as in heaven and exalted the brilliance of Korea, our Party will continue to love the people and fight for them, and strive to translate their beautiful dreams and ideals into reality.

Any challenges of history and frantic attempts by the enemy will never check the advance of our service personnel and people, who have achieved oneness with the Party, nor can they slow down the fighting speed of the Korean people, who are rushing forward towards a bright future, regarding the Party's revolutionary ideology and the blizzards of Paektu as the motive power for advance and the red flag of our dignified Party as the sail.

The world will see vividly how the Workers' Party of Korea gives full play to the strength and wisdom of our great people and builds a great Paektusan nation, which will be most prosperous and powerful on this planet.

I appeal to all the Party members.

Let us all make selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the great people.

Long live the great Korean people, united single-heartedly around the invincible party, the Workers' Party of Korea!”