Far-sighted leadership of the Great Leader

The pace that at which the Great Korean people have attained progress in almost all fields of socio-economic structure of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is the direct result of the wise and dynamic leadership of respect and beloved leader of the entire Korean people. President KIM IL SUNG who is accord as brilliant master of the creation and construction. It is he has performed immortal feats for the cause of human liberation and of socialist and communist construction.

The respected and beloved Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG has set epochal example in the revolution and construction, performing precious exploits to be record ever in the history of the working class’s revolutionary struggle and of the liberation of mankind.

After routine out the Japanese imperialists, the Great Leader aroused the Korean people vigorously to the building of democratic revolution and to the fulfillment of the three tasks of building the party, the state and the army. To meet the demands of the time, he first founded the Worker’s Party of Korea, the general staff of the Korean revolution and established the people’s government and developed the Korean people’s Revolutionary Army into the Korean people’s army, a regular army. He brought the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic revolution to the success by carrying out the democratic reforms including the agrarian reform. The line of the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic revolution which was set and carried to the success by President KIM IL SUNG was a discovery of social revolution of a new type, it indicated the true path of the revolution to be followed by the countries which had been colonies or had not passed the stage of capitalist growth on a regular basis.

With the successful acceleration of the three revolutions, socialist Korea has become an invincible country where the firm unity and cohesion based on the Juche idea has been achieved. Where mechanization and automation has been introduced in all work places and the economy  develops at a world startling high rate and where socialist culture and arts bloom. The tremendous social and economic changes brought about in a short time is entirely the result of the wise guidance of the Great Leader KIM IL SUNG. He is a leader with the Juche based and scientifically-laid vision, the strong revolutionary principle, extraordinary revolutionary sweep brilliant wisdom and superb art of leadership.

The experiences demonstrate that when he formulates line and policy at each stage of the revolution, he foresees the distant future not only taking into account the present and sets a clear direction and objective of struggle for the masses.

In the early days of the revolution, he made a deep study of the social and economic relations and class relations prevailing in Korea and indicated clearly the immediate and final aims of the Korean revolution. With a scientific foresight into the future of the country, he set the line of building a democratic base following the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic revolution and thus turned the northern half of the Republic into solid base for the final victory of the Korean revolution and the democratic revolution was successfully followed by the socialist revolution. His line of building self supporting national economy set right after liberation was advanced to meet not only the indispensible requisites of socio-economic development in Korea but also the whole needs of socialist construction and his theory of transitional period and proletarian dictatorship, his theories of revolution and working classification  of all society and of the complete and ultimate victory of socialism and his thoughts and theory on the three revolutions ideological, technical and cultural all these are based on scientific analysis of the needs of communist construction.

A Great Leader of an indomitable iron revolutionary will and principle, President KIM IL SUNG maintains all along the Juche and independent principle in formulating and implementing line and policies. Proceeding from this principle he set the basic line of economic construction after the Korean war, a line of giving priority to the growth of heavy industry with simultaneous development of light industry and agriculture , the policy of transforming the economic forms prior to technical transformation, the policy of transforming old intellectuals in a revolutionary way and many other original lines and policies and implemented them through an uncompromising struggle against all kinds of opportunity and counter-revolutionaries.

The Great Leader, with exceptionally revolutionary sweep is distinguished for his outstandingly revolutionary method of work whereby he completes to the end what he once determined to do. Whenever the situation becomes complex and struggle grows arduous, he relies on the strength and wisdom of the people and assigns the tasks boldly and pushes ahead with them forcefully, overcoming the difficulties by their own efforts and turning misfortune into a blessing.

The records of revolutionary struggle indicate now in the difficult years of 1956-57, he directed the main efforts to socialist construction while waging an all-people struggle against the enemy’s reactionary offensives and the schemes of all hues of opportunists. In the process, there arose the great upswing of socialist construction and the Chollima Movement and the political and ideological unity of the party and the people was strengthened and their revolutionary advance was accelerated.

He never allows a slightest stagnation, passivism and conservatism and leads the people all along to continuous innovation and uninterrupted advancement. He always grasps the main link of the whole chains, concentrates on it and pushes ahead with the whole work smoothly and brings it to completion by the method lightning operation. He gives on the spot guidance, he goes to the masses, shares life and death, joys and sorrows with them and inspires them.