Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Inspects Reconstruction Site of Flood-Hit Area in Taechong-ri, Unpha County, North Hwanghae Province

Sep 12, 2020

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Inspects Reconstruction Site of Flood-Hit Area in Taechong-ri, Unpha County, North Hwanghae Province - Image

Pyongyang:  Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and supreme commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, inspected the reconstruction site of flood-hit Taechong-ri area of Unpha County, North Hwanghae Province. He was accompanied by Vice Marshal of the Korean People's Army (KPA) Pak Jong Chon, chief of the KPA General Staff, leading officials of the Central Committee of the WPK Ri Il Hwan, Jo Yong Won, Kim Yong Su and Hyon Song Wol and Pak Chang Ho, chairman of the North Hwanghae Provincial Committee of the WPK.

The Supreme Leader was greeted by commanding officers of the units of the People's Army taking part in the reconstruction of flood-hit Unpha County and officials. True to the idea of the 16th meeting of the Political Bureau of the 7th WPK Central Committee and the joint order of the WPK Central Committee, the Party Central Military Commission and the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK, combatants and commanding officers of the KPA units taking part in the reconstruction are vigorously accelerating the reconstruction with the do-or-die struggle of loyalty out of strong desire to provide the people in the flood-hit area with better place to live and realize the noble intention of the Party at an earliest date possible. Making round of the reconstruction site, the Supreme Leader acquainted himself with the progress and plan of the reconstruction.

Appreciating the frontline-style agitation which is stirring the whole construction site to fit the battle-style one, he underlined the need to conduct the ideological offensive without rigid formality and pattern and in a militant manner to arouse all the combatants taking part in the reconstruction to the implementation of the idea of the Party and upholding its policies. Enjoying the view of the workteam villages of the flood-hit farm which has neatly taken shape as befitting the icon of modern houses of rural area free from all the backwardness of the times and the traces of flood damage, he said that he was right to give the order to build one-household dwelling houses and approve the design without considering the amount of building materials needed or land-saving aspect as demanded by the farmers he met during his last visit, adding that the newly built houses with much efforts would be worth more only when they meet the requirements of the farmers and are liked by them.

He expressed his happiness, saying that such a village that has taken its shape as a fairyland within a short period of merely over 30 days is a miracle which can be created by only the service personnel of the Korean People's Army (KPA) who have the loyalty to the Party and the ardent love for the people, adding the world will be startled to see the capability of the KPA. He said that everywhere in the construction site is full of sincerity of the service personnel, noting that they, the excellent sons and daughters of the people, are devoting themselves to the rehabilitation with the mind of building their own native homes and villages. This fact alone clearly shows the KPA's ideological and moral traits, he added.

Watching with satisfaction the combatants of the KPA working at the construction site, he said that it is the greatest pride of our Party to have such a powerful army which is always loyal to the Party, and that our Party is tiding over all difficulties of the revolution with courage as there is the KPA, the politico-ideologically strong army and morally strong army and the genuine army of the people, which is regarding it as its own noble obligation to help the Party and the people get rid of all troubles with its sincere patriotism and loyalty. As there is the KPA which is faithfully loyal to our Party and the revolutionary cause of our Party, no natural disaster can ever deprive the people of happiness and laughter and no one in the world can break the faith and will of the Workers' Party of Korea struggling for the people, he said.

He repeatedly told commanding officers of the units of the KPA which were mobilized in the construction to be aware of the intention of the Party that called upon the KPA to turn out in eradicating the aftermath of the natural disaster and the importance of the rehabilitation. He called upon the Party organizations and political organs at all levels to further intensify among all the service personnel the work of making them clearly cognizant of the intention of the Party Central Committee that mobilized the KPA to the great campaign for creating the happiness of the people, and push ahead with the rehabilitation with the mind of strengthening the single-minded unity. He stressed that this year he mobilized a lot of units of the People's Army to the campaign for recovering from the flood and typhoon damage and that the People's Army should regard the campaign for recovering from the damage by the natural disaster as a political work for maintaining the blood ties between the Party and the people and further boosting them and the most important work for living up to the trust of the people, who have only believed and followed our Party single-mindedly irrespective of any difficulty and trial, in the Party and defending the Party's absolute prestige, and display the boundless devotion and popular heroism.

Saying that our people might pin their hope only on our Party and wait for a measure to be taken by the Party in difficult days as now and we should neither discourage them nor make them feel inconvenience in their living even a moment owing to the natural disaster, he emphasized that for our Party which regards it as its noble motto to believe in the people as in Heaven and keeps them as its root, it is the most important work to repay their trust and therefore, our Party started an unprecedented great reconstruction campaign by mobilizing all the state potentiality in the work for defending the people's happiness and put forward the revolutionary army of the Party as the main force on every front for recovering the damage by the natural disaster across the country.

He expressed his great trust in the People's Army, saying that they should kindle high the flame of creating heroic legendary stories and making miracles on every reconstruction front, bearing in mind the noble intention of our Party and thus devotedly ensure the successful celebrations of the 75th founding anniversary of the Party and convention of its 8th Congress with honor. He stressed that commanding officers of the People's Army should strengthen the command and technical guidance over the construction with high awareness that it is totally up to them whether the reconstruction campaign proves to be a success or failure, push ahead with the construction by launching a three-dimensional and intense speed campaign and scrupulously take a practical measure for thoroughly ensuring the quality of the construction by strictly meeting the requirements of design and technical method.

Learning in detail about the condition of the crops in the paddy fields that had been under water, he worried that various diseases had broken out and the condition of the growth of rice was not good in much of those fields. Saying that though there are some losses, it is necessary to improve the condition of growth at any cost by taking decisive agricultural and technological measures, not abandoning the crops cultivated by farmers with sincerity throughout the spring and summer, he repeatedly asked officials and workers in the agricultural field to make redoubled efforts to minimize the damage to the crops and increase the yield in a consistent and responsible way. Our Party has faced trouble and distress at the great damage caused by the recent series of heavy rain and typhoons but it will readily face the trouble and will take every possible measure for the sake of the great people and repay their great trust without fail, he said, expressing his determination to dynamically overcome the current trial together with the People's Army.

Immensely encouraged by the field guidance of the Supreme Leader to the reconstruction site, all the service personnel vowed once again to become a fortress and shield devotedly defending the Party Central Committee to finish the reconstruction at the highest level by the founding anniversary of the WPK and make a report of victory and thus clearly demonstrate to the world how the service personnel and people brought up by the Party uphold and devotedly defend their leader, their Supreme Commander. The pace of energetic leadership by the Supreme Leader who is making endless journey of patriotic devotion for the country and people will be the stride of the vigorous advance of the country and the motive force of miracles that make the people and army honorable victors in today's campaign for recovery from natural disaster, and hurrah for the socialism would resound far and wide across the country celebrating the October holiday. -0-