NJA Celebrated 70th Anniversary of Founding of WPK

Jun 7, 2016

Kathmandu : The Nepalese Senior Political leaders  congratulated to the Great leaders of the Korean people eternal President KIM IL SUNG and eternal General Secretary of the Workers' party of Korea (WPK) Comrade KIM JONG IL and His Excellency Marshal KIM JONG UN, First Secretary of the WPK, First Chairman of the National Defense Commission of the DPR of Korea and the Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army in a grand celebration function in Kathmandu amidst a special function to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the WPK by President KIM IL SUNG on 10th of October, 1948.

The Senior Nepalese Poltical leaders congratulated them at a congratulatory function jointly organized by Nepal Journalists' Association, Nepal-Korea Friendship Association and Asian Regional Institute of  Juche Idea (ARIJI).

CPN-ML General Secretary Mr. C.P. Mainali, who is the Chairman of the Nepal National Memorial Commission for President KIM IL SUNG and Comrade KIM JONG IL highly praised President KIM IL SUNG's practical analysis of the revolution of his country from the Marxist point of view and his clarity of  thought  in Juche idea and prompt action and his steadfast vision to liberate Korea against the Japanese colonial rule.

Foreign Relation Chief of the CPN Maoist Central Committee Mr. Dharmendra Bastola praised President KIM IL SUNG as peerlessly great Commander-ship who liberated Korea, declared the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and won the US imperialists' led 1950-53 Korean War and achieved sovereignty, dignity and prosperity in the real sense and made Korean people, the real masters of their fortune.

"Self-reliance, self-dignity, nationalism, patriotism, categorical stand on the independent development of the nation are some of the significant characteristics that can be learned by the Nepalese nationalist leaders from the charismatic ideologies of great leader President KIM IL SUNG and from nationalist heroic struggle of the Korean people against the expansionist, dominations and neo-colonialist designs of the so-called superiors" Mr. Bastola added.

Special Guest His Excellency Ambassador of the DPR of Korea to Nepal Mr. Kim Yong Hak shared the happiness of the Nepalese people on this auspicious occasion and deeply thanked the organizers for extending their sincere support and solidarity to the just struggle of the Korean people, which always becomes the source of inspiration to their struggle.

President of Nepal Journalists' Association Dr. Manju Ratna Sakya who is the Vice-Director General of ARIJI and Senior Vice-Chairman of Nepal-Korea Friendship Association also highlighted that the DPR of Korea is a nation free from all types of  political, social and economical problems; self-reliant in economy, capable in self-defense and rock-like unity among people, army and leaders.

NJA Supremo  Dr. Sakya also urged all the audience to visit at least once in his/her life to know it firsthand, because 'seeing is believing!"

While delivering vote of thanks, NJA's Public Relation Secretary Mr. Mohan Bir Thapa   said that Korea, under the brilliant leadership of the Three Generals of Mt. Paektu, successfully came through the ashes of wars and gained the unshakable unity of all the Korean people and remarkable independent economic development.

On the occasion, a booklet translated in Nepali language by Nepal Association for Supporting Songun Policy of Marshal KIM JONG Un's works: "Let Us Step Up the Building of A Thriving Country By Applying KIM JONG IL's Patriotism" (talk to Senior Officials of the Central Committee o the Workers' Party of Korea on July 26 Juche 101 (2012) was jointly released by Mr. C. P. Mainali and Mr. Dharmendra Bastola.

A letter of appreciation with congratulatory message to His Excellency Marshal KIM JONG UN, First Secretary of the WPK, First Chairman of the National Defense Commission of the DPR of Korea and Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army  was unanimously adopted on behalf of the participants and handed over to H.E. Ambassador Mr.  Kim Yong Hak  by  NJA Chief  Dr. Sakya at the ceremony.

A Documentary film on the all-round development of DPR of Korea was also screened and books and magazines were exhibited on the occasion, which was enthusiastically viewed by all the participants. 

At the programe, Leaders of different political parties, Govt. officers, Media personalities, Social  workers, Professors, Lawyers as well as large number of people from Vaious Walks of life were present.