Kim Jong Un, the dear leader, accompanied the entire Korean People's Army and the Combined Forces Commanders on the occasion of the Battle of the Gun,

Feb 9, 2019

Kim Jong Un, the dear leader, accompanied the entire Korean People's Army and the Combined Forces Commanders on the occasion of the Battle of the Gun,  - Image

WPK Chairman yisimyeo DPR Prime Committee yisimyeo the Korean People's Army Supreme Commander, who is our party and the state, Chief Leader of the armies Kim Jong Un had comrades on the occasion of the Korean People's Army founded 71 anniversary on February 8 KPA full Dalian sum troops Complex Commander Along with the concert of the National Chorus of Distinguished Service in the annex of the Central Committee of the Party Committee.

In addition to the First Commander of the Korean People's Army, Lee Myung-soo, the First Deputy Commander of the Korean People's Army, Lee Soo-gil, the leader of the Korean People's Army, and the General Chief of the Korean People's Army, Democratic People's Republic of Korea People's Armed Forces, the leader of the Korean People's Armed Forces, along with Lok Kwang-cheol, the general political office of the People's Army, the General Staff, and the People's Armed Forces.

The members of the Party Central Committee and the members of the Committee of the State Council, including Choi Young - Hae, Dong - ji Lee, Kim Pyung Hae, Dong Ji, Tae Jong Soo Dong,

The heart of the spectators who had a chance to see the performances celebrated in the central hall of the party with the supreme leader comrades who were always in their minds in the meaningful temple where they proclaimed the birth of the heroic Korean People's Army with high pride in the whole world, .

As the welcome song is ringing, the comrades of the supreme leader and the comrades of Lee Sul-joo enter the theater, and the cheers of the storm like "Hurray!" Burst out and the enthusiasm like admiration and degradation burns hotly. Respectively.

The dignified supreme leader 's comrades fervently congratulated the establishment of the Korean People' s Army, encouraging all the people 's army troops, who had the greatest revolutionary enthusiasm to secure the solidarity of the socialist fatherland with unyielding military power.

The orchestra began with the "Shining Country". The performance stage consisted of a male chorus and a male chorus, "Honor the Supreme Commander Comrade's Health", male singing and male chorus " Song to Kim Il Sung ", unaccompanied chorus " And male chorus "The soldier lives near the general", male singing "Mother country and me", male penthouse and male chorus "Warrior's way", orchestra and male chorus "Go to the path of loyalty" "Snow falls", song song "Socialist Jiksei", female poetry and poetry "A charitable parent", female poetry "My party is my mother", "Always by her side", female triple and male chorus "Our flag ", Male solo and male chorus" There is peace in our total chorus ", orchestra" We will give glory to our great party ", orchestra and male chorus" He said.

Through the performances, the cast members of the DPRK dignified and dignified the dignity and status of the Republic of Korea, which has been vigorously agitated by the wise command of the Workers' Party of the DPRK, and continues to lead the Baekdusan clan as the root of the Joseon Revolution. I was impressed by the good artistic composition of the uncompromising beliefs and will of our army and people who will firmly believe and follow, and will go out to defend themselves politically and ideologically.

The spectators are proud of the independence revolution and the military revolution that has firmly defended the sovereignty of the country, the fate of the people, the socialist cause, and the heroic dignity of the pioneering and victorious advances of our revolution, I looked up proudly on the development path and, along with the great party, devoted the dignity and the status of the Juche Chosun to the socialist victory bar, and continued to innovate and continue to move forward.

The heroic Korean People's Army demonstrates the unfolding weather and the dignity of the party, the center of the party, the ideology, the breathing, the footsteps, and the burning patriotism and the deterioration of our party The performances of the trusty and sophisticated performances were received by the spectators with their flair and sophisticated artistic shapes.

The female national trio and male chorus "Our Flag" was re-performed under the command of the Central Committee Deputy Chief of the Central Committee and the People's Artist, Jang Ryong-eul's comrades, by the reincarnation of the dearest supreme leader comrades. .

After the concert was over again, "Hooray!", The cheering crowd of fans shouted at the heart of the hearts of the spectators.

The comrades of the Supreme Leader of the Dear Leader gave a cheer to the performers and spectators who raised the cheers of the enthusiasm and congratulated the performances.

The Dear Leader of the Supreme Leader expressed great satisfaction with the performance of the artists who performed excellent performances with high ideological artistry.

The Dear Leader of the Supreme Leader expressed the expectation and confidence that the artists of the State Chorus will continue to perform the honorable mission and duties of the front line of the literary front by further strengthening the revolutionary artistic activities.

All the participants, for their beloved warriors, stayed together late into the evening of the feast day and could not hold up a passion for appreciation of the dearest supreme leader comrade who gave endless mercy to the Supreme Leader of the Revolutionary Red Army, It was overflowing with fiery resolve to complete the feat to the end.