Developed the strongest type of ultra-large radiation cannon Under the guidance of our beloved oldest leader, Kim Jong- un Newly researched and developed ultra-large radiation test fire successfully

Aug 30, 2019

Developed the strongest type of ultra-large radiation cannon  Under the guidance of our beloved oldest leader, Kim Jong- un  Newly researched and developed ultra-large radiation test fire successfully - Image

The defense scientists and military-industrial working class who hold high self-defence of the great Joseon Workers Party's self-defense defense industrial construction line and revolutionize our strategic tactics weapon development business have significant significance in strengthening the national defense power. We have created an unprecedented miracle that researches and develops the world's strongest Korean supersonic bombardment.

In accordance with the best interests of our revolution, the characteristics of modern warfare, and the demands of the military politics that are extremely sharp around the Korean peninsula, the grand conception of building the nation's defense industry to the world's strongest level is unfolded. With a scientific insight, the meticulous guidance and energetic leadership of the beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai Automaton, who gave specific teachings on the design of new weapon systems and tactical technical specifications, gave birth to another subjective weapon.

Chairman WPK yisimyeo DPR State Committee yisimyeo the DPRK armed forces supreme commander, who is our party and the country, armed Top Leader Kim Jong-un comrades he was a map you like the Aug. 24 mega bangsapo test fire a new research and development.

Leaders of the Party Central Committee and the Defense Science Division, including Lee Byeong-cheol Cheol, Comrade Kim Jung-sik, Comrade Chang Ha Ha, Comrade Jeil Il-ho, and Comrade Seung-il Il led the test shots together.

Make sure the so devoted is the cardiovascular and logo to the birth of the principal weapons leadership development projects to energize the first test firing was just coming Himself He hasimyeo that should map postpone the whole thing up and again early in the morning faraway day ocean road top The defense industry warriors who take part in the Ryongdo Automated Fields have been enthusiasm for the days of successive development and completion of the Juche weapons that enlisted the enemy , occupied the high ground of advanced military science and technology, and showed off the powerful military power of socialist shipbuilding. As I saw it, I was once again swept by the fiery aspiration and excitement that would be a great success before the party and my country.

The beloved Supreme Autopilot completed the formation of a supermassive radio weapon system and issued a test firing order.

Rocking the whole planet again and again, a majestic explosion bursting out of our strength, the emergence of the subjective weapons of our technology, exploded, and the giant fuselage burst forth into the Great Wall of Fire.

The test shots verified that all the tactical technical characteristics of the ultra-large weapons system reached the planned indicators correctly.

The beloved Supreme Autopilot was delighted to see the great combat strength of the supermassive weapons system.

The beloved Supreme Autopilot was a great weapon, highly regarded by our young defense scientists as a clever one who conceived and designed a weapon system he had never seen before, and was successful at once.

Dear Supreme Auto-Corporation, today, above all, is pleased with the fact that a young and competitive human resources force is being fostered through the development of a new weapon, which will take the leap forward in the independent defense industry. He said with great pride that the independent defense industry will continue to be strengthened and developed since there are faithful and talented defense scientists and engineers in the party.

The beloved Supreme Autonomous Autonomous Party has the greatness of the Workers' Party and the leadership of the Party, which has built a powerful war deterrent for each of our developed weapons, responsible for the fate and future of our country and people, and firmly defending our socialism. He spoke of the condensed world of noble loyalty of our defense scientists, who were generously contributing to the blood and sweat of patriotism.

Dear Supreme Auto- Jeongji is a truly unforgettable day of April 24. Just three years ago today, we are thrilled to say that we have also succeeded in launching one of the world's few strategic submarine ballistic ballistic tests. He recalled with his comrades who loved the unforgettable days of breaking through and developing strategic weapons.

Dear Supreme Autopilot, our mission is to strengthen the national defense with steel walls to protect the party, the revolution, the motherland and the people, to ensure the final victory of the revolution, to lead and actively build the socialist powerhouse. He stressed that we must continue to vigorously develop our own strategic tactical weapons that will unrelentingly fight off the increasing military threats and pressure offensive of hostile forces in an unstoppable offensive war to bring the power of our forces to the level we require.

An immortal patriarch of the supreme supreme autonomous land, which overcame the worst adversities and trials, embraced a fundamental shift in the development of the independent defense industry, transformed the socialist country into a sanctuary of self-defense, and provided the strongest war suppression to endure any turmoil. The memorandum will shine along with the history of the hundreds of years of the Korean Workers' Party.

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