Dearest comrade Kim Jong- un , guided the artillery fire training of the Mortar Artillery Division by the Korean People's Army Corps.

Apr 11, 2020

Dearest comrade Kim Jong- un , guided the artillery fire training of the Mortar Artillery Division by the Korean People's Army Corps. - Image

Through the Party's grand idea and energetic leadership to further strengthen the defense power of the country, the frenzy of the training revolution to strengthen the combat power of the People's Army and the flames of modernization of armed equipment are booming and unprecedented achievements in defense development During the turbulent period, which was being achieved by flare, artillery fire drills were carried out by the Mortar Artillery Divisions by the Korean People's Army Corps.

Comrade Kim Jong- un , chairman of the Korean Workers' Party, chairman of the State Council of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, commandedthe artillery training of the mortar artillery divisions by the Korean People's Army Corps.

Officials from the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea visited the training.

The dearest leader of the Joseon People's Army, President Kim Soo-gil, and Chosun People's Army General Chief of Staff Chosun People's Army Park Jeong-cheon, and the Chosun People's Army Corps.

With a genius military strategy idea and excellent military arts, this year marks the 75th anniversary of our glorious achievements, opening the rise of revolutionary armed forces. Endless glory and pride abounded in the breasts of the People's Army soldiers, who embraced and were trained by the great commander who embraced and walked and walked on a continuous path from the beginning of the year.

The training is aimed at evaluating the fire fighting ability of the Korean People's Army corps as a method of competition and expanding the heat and performance of the training revolution, as well as completing the performance of light and heavy weapons equipped in the People's Army. It went on.

The training was conducted by ranking the total number of shots and fire missions performed after shooting the targets, shooting the targets, and firing the targets of the mortar artillery squads selected from each corps according to the shooting sequence determined by lottery.

In the training, the commanders of the Korean People's Army took over the fire command for their corps' mortar artillery divisions, and the method of shooting was decided according to their decision.

When the commanders of the Legion commanded a powerful command of fire, the devastating steel barrels vomited all at once, and the target was instantly turned into a sea of ​​fire.

In artillery training, mortar artillery soldiers were prepared to perform any fire support combat mission smoothly by demonstrating their remarkable artillery shooting skills on the days of constant training to possess the practical capabilities suggested by our party. Showed off.

The dearest leader of the Old Territory, the Great People's Army Corps, received a great deal of gratitude for the fact that it received ideologically from our party's artillery ideology and prepared well for the modern warfare in the flames of the Myeongposu movement. It's the first time I've ever seen a drill where all the divisions shoot well, and each corps has designated random divisions to gather at the training ground and organize training in unrighteousness. I hit the target just like running, but today it was a really good day, and it seemed to me to feel joy and reward again and again.

The dearest old-age autonomous magazine regained fire at the monitoring stations by repeatedly admiring the amazing shooting skills of each corps mortar artillery company that received strong abilities, including the 2nd and 10th Corps, which hit 60 out of 60 shells exactly at the target. He gave thanks.

The artillery fighters, who received the great honor of receiving the appreciation of the Supreme Commander at Hwasun, burst into excitement and joy, and shouted the cheers of “Woah!” Like a storm.

A plaque of artillery, medals, and badges were awarded to the 2nd Corps under the 2nd Corps under the jurisdiction of the training jurisdiction.

It is important for the dear Supreme Commander to strengthen the training of the People's Army to make good use of both artillery and heavy weapons and heavy weapons in operations and battles. In modern warfare, the use of artillery forces is the most important factor in determining the victory and defeat of an operation and a battle. As a factor, we continued to focus on artillery, reinforce the artillery reinforcement, and accelerate the preparation for artillery fights, and suggested programmatic tasks in artillery training and artillery modernization.

The dear fighter and enthusiasm of the artillery squads and the entire People's Army artillery, who participated in the artillery fire drills, which the dear Supreme Leader Autonomous Leadership directed again, are reaching the end of the sky.