Dear to top Il Kim Jong-un comrades he was a local map you like the Mount Kumgang tourist district

Oct 27, 2019

Dear to top Il Kim Jong-un comrades he was a local map you like the Mount Kumgang tourist district - Image

Chairman WPK yisimyeo DPR State Committee yisimyeo the DPRK armed forces supreme commander, who is our party and the country, armed Top Leader Kim Jong-un comrades he was a local map you like the Mount Kumgang tourist district.

The members of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers' Party were accompanied by Comrade Jang Geum-cheol, Comrade Kim Yeo-jeong, Comrade Yong-won, Comrade Lee Jeong-nam, Comrade Eugene, Comrade Hong Young-sung, Comrade Hyeonsong, Comrade Jang Sung-ho, and First Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Our visibility by effectively developed to scenic diverse, featuring the country's dedicated endless speculation for us to meet the cultural and emotional needs of the people at the highest level of reverence He best Il comrades as one of world premier jeolseung from of the world also Geumgang Mountain, known as one of the most famous mountains, was designed to be a comprehensive international tourism and cultural district where Korean people and people from all over the world can enjoy.

The most loved islands in the island are Goseong Port, Haigeumgang Hotel, Cultural Center, Geumgangsan Hotel, Geumgangsan Jade House, Geumgang Pension Town, Kowloon Village, Hot Spring Village, Family Hotel, No.2 Onjeonggak, Goseong Port House, Goseong Port Golf Course, and Goseong Port Access Office. He looked around the targets and Samilpo, Haegeumgang, and Kowloon.

The esteemed Supreme Autonomous Land, which specifically treated the service buildings in the tourist zone, found that the buildings are not ethnic at all. Not only was he so rocky, but he was not in control, so he said that it was hard to see.

That reverence Top Leader Comrade to leave to earn these houses reminiscent of the construction sheets pavilions at the world's most famous mountains Mt. myeotdong not allow the tourism doeyeotda very wrong and, before that they built representative building carefully shame to see the tourist service buildings landscapes It was the fault of the seniors who easily tried to pay the tourist spots or to pay for it, and the fault was left because Mt. He was seriously criticized for being wrong.

The beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai told us that the building to be built on our land must be our nationally strong architecture and be created in accordance with our emotions and aesthetics.

The beloved Supreme Master Ching-Jang Ji told us that we should bring out the ugly South facilities that would be unpleasant to see and agree with the South's related departments, and build new service facilities in our own way to match the natural scenery of Mt.

All the accompanying workers also said that it is unfortunate that the buildings that were built in factories and enterprises are located at world-famous scenic spots.

The beloved Supreme Court Autonomous Region said that Mt. Geumgang is now a symbol of North-South relations, a common symbol of North-South relations, and it is not possible to tour Mt. Kumgang unless the North-South relations develop. .

Dear Supreme Autopilot, Kumgang is our land of blood, and we have our sovereignty and dignity on the cliffs and trees of Mt. Kumgang. He pointed out severely about damaging the landscape by ruining the site of the tourist zone and neglecting the management of cultural tourism sites.

The beloved Supreme Land Automated Land has many outstanding scenic spots in our country's land, but Mt. Geumgang, which is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes, has become a collection of scenic spots, so that the people can enjoy and enjoy the natural scenery of the country. In developing the cultural tourism site, he presented specific tasks.

That reverence He best Il comrade goseonghang coastal tourist district in Mt, Birobong hiking tourist district, haegeumgang Coast Park District, said to pack a sports and cultural district this Kumgang district a total of development plans for deliberation and by the Gala-year to steps 3 and 4 first, according He said that construction should be done in stages.

The most respected island of Autonomous Island, Goseong Harbor Coastal Tourist Zone, Birobong Climbing Mountain Scenic Area, Haegeumgang Coastal Park Area, Sports Culture District, etc. The problem of constructing a port tourist station in the tourist zone and the blockade around Hangzhou, the construction of a tourist airfield in Linjun County, and the construction of a new lane for tourism from the airfield to the tourist zone. He also revealed the problems of developing the Mt. Kumgang tourism district, including the problem of construction.

The beloved Supreme Court Automaton said that architecture is one of the most important indicators of the civilization of the nation and nation, and the development of the society. He said that it should be constructed in an advanced form, with the typical form of Korean architecture, combining national characteristics and modernity, so that people of other countries should come to see Joseon's specialty and see the architecture of Joseon.

The beloved Supreme Land Auto Zone said that the Geumgang Tourism Area should be well-packed as a world-renowned cultural tourism area where Mt.

The esteemed Supreme Autopilot has strong design power and strong construction capacity prepared by modern buildings built in Pyongyang, Samjiyeongun Construction, Wonsan Galma Coastal Tourism District Construction, Yangdeok-gun Hot Spring Tourism District Construction. If he resolved, he said that the project of building a world-class cultural tourism site on Mt. Kumgang would not be a problem because of our military and working class, which can overcome any difficulties and trials.

That reverence Top Leader Comrade , but to welcome side namnyeok brethren ohgetda a wonderfully kkuryeojin Mt. into a global tourist destination undesirable thing for tourism for the our famous mountains Mt. naesewo the South I our people for this to have a common recognition He said it was important.

Kim Jong- un, the supreme leader of the beloved comrades, will have a brilliant and refined leadership of comrades, and it will not be far from the day when the country's famous mountain, Kumgang, will serve as a special mountain for the people.

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