Dear to top Il Kim Jong-un comrades had He inspected the Changlin Defense Guard on the western front

Nov 28, 2019

Dear to top Il Kim Jong-un comrades had He inspected the Changlin Defense Guard on the western front - Image

Chairman WPK yisimyeo DPR State Committee yisimyeo the DPRK armed forces supreme commander, who is our party and the country, armed Top Leader Kim Jong-un comrades he had inspected you like defense against the window rindo located on the Western Front.

The General of the DPRK Army Chief of Staff, Park Chung-cheon, accompanied by officials of the Korean Workers' Party Central Committee.

Dear to top the Leader Comrade are cause rindo Defense Commander window was welcomed.

The great flag of our nation and the commander- in- chief fluttering in front of the island defense defense sky echoed the commanding spirit of the commanding officer who welcomed the Supreme Autopilot in joy and passion.

The nation's forefront, the Island Defense Corps, stood alone against the violent challenges and threats of the imperialist reactions, unleashing the mighty powers of Joseon, stepping up the revolutionary power of the self-defence, and conquering our revolution as a path of victory. He was simmering with great glory, happiness, and joy in the face of the great dictatorship of the endless fire.

The beloved Supreme Master Chronicles , led by the commanders, looked around the historic area.

The beloved Supreme Master Ching Ji-Jin immersed himself in thoughts about the general as he watched the monuments of the local map built 45 years ago to convey the immortal achievements of the father-in-law of the legendary commander .

That reverence Top Leader Comrade hasimyeo concerned about the latest leading edge guard post lives of our soldiers far up the steep sea road where the island outposts far and leave a foggy love has given valuable teachings for the fight, ready to complete the Great of Sir buying group Construction leadership to immortality He said that the way of battalion will be delivered, and that we should strengthen the total power of the invincible victory as the general's wishes, to defend the socialist country and shine forth to all nations.

The beloved Supreme Automated Automated Tour takes care of the soldiers' living conditions and defense preparations by looking at various targets in the island posts, including defensive command units, major hospitals, culture rooms, restaurants, soybean depots, corrosive depots, greenhouses, bathhouses, fire stations, and surveillance stations. The state was specifically understood.

The dear Supreme Automated Papers visits major hospitals and cares about toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and other sanitary items, blankets, and cloths, and introduces the island's volume, water quality, and solar water heaters. He also paid close attention to the health of the room, heating, etc., and returned the love of his parents.

The beloved Supreme Master Ching-Jung Auto Tours the culture room, and now the data transmission system has been established in the island's defense and front forces, as well as in general units and divisions. He was glad that he had been able to solve the big problems in the work and to give the soldiers a full day of political, ideological and mental food.

The beloved Supreme Court Autonomous Force, who has been crushing the gun barrel of the revolution on the outskirts of the outlying islands and is doing the sacred duty of national security, is all our precious comrades and the beloved children of the people. In order to further strengthen and grow our soldiers as solid revolutionaries and true human beings through the days of honorary military service, we must know the collectivism spirit, and through independence, independence, diligence, It is necessary to cultivate trustworthiness, to cultivate and lead soldiers to keep their military rules like steel, to keep their homeland and kinship, and to establish a revolutionary worldview. He always said to turn attention.

The beloved Supreme Autopilot continuously strives to provide soldiers with better cultural living conditions, making reading and learning sensations into traditions and traditions in units and divisions. He said that the military masses should have a multifaceted knowledge, strong stamina, and cultural literacy and always live a rewarding military life in battle enthusiasm and romance.

The beloved Supreme Autopilot showed great satisfaction by looking at the rear materials accumulated in soybean warehouses, corrosive warehouses, and kitchens.

That reverence He best Il comrades that there island defenses price put up a hearty dinner table every teenagers separated by allowing alsim being laid for one place to wipe the rear foundation that jjeunhi heart is placed, the increased attention due to back projects will soon appear in readiness and fighting It is necessary to turn around and make an effort to provide soldiers with a rich table. Soybean production is also trying to break through 2 tons per information, and meat, eggs, aquatic products, mushrooms, and various kinds of fish are also needed to produce and supply them according to the standard of supply. He said that the struggle must be carried out viciously.

Looking back on the greenhouses built on the defensive grounds, the Supreme Court Autonomous Island, which gave the task of encouraging male farming production and greenhouse farming, encouraged the creation of new apple fields around the island's defense teams and the cultivation of grapes in the command zones and home districts. We will send more than 50 tons of high-quality productive varieties per information, so be sure to try grape farming. He also planted a lot of fruit trees in the defensive field and told the soldiers that they would love to produce and feed many fruits according to the season. .

The beloved Supreme Master Ching-Jin Autographs also examined island defense colleges and kindergartens, and returned attention to the educational problems of military family children.

Dear to the top Comrade Leader was mannasi soldiers who are returning while watching the map herpes great island for coastal artillery defenses perform wires defense missions.

It is also important that the beloved Supreme Autopilot was armed with what armor, but before that, it was more important to know what class conscious soldiers were keeping their country's foremost, and on a normal day like today I am relieved to see that I am working on the frontline of high alertness. I believe that the frontier of our country is firmly defended by the high political awareness and high alertness of our soldiers, the will of the Fatherland, and devoted efforts. He said that the safety of the nation and the happiness of the people are assured.

The beloved Supreme Master Automated Basement arrived at the station and was informed of the deployment of the island defense divisions and their assigned combat missions, and accompanied the General Chief of Staff with the task of increasing the defense strength and changing combat missions.

The beloved Supreme Autopilot gave a target to the two coastal artillery battalions who were performing a full-time combat job and instructed them to fire at once.

A reverence to the best Il comrade major coastal artillery soldiers to show without leaving the port marksmanship they had been trained to give ryeonma in peacetime was a great joy.

The beloved Supreme Autonomous Region said that the preparation for fighting and the strengthening of fighting power would become the greatest patriotic forces in the People's Army. Training should be made scientifically, practically, and more intense in order to be able to handle any operational and combat missions, to prepare them politically and physically and technically, especially in artillery units and divisions. He emphasized that the flames of the movement should be kept on burning.

The dear Supreme Autonomous Autonomous Division is responsible for technical maintenance, technical management, and regular inspection and countermeasures in order to ensure the normal mobilization of weapons fighting technology equipments in units and divisions of the People's Army. He must be thoroughly prepared to engage in combat missions at any time.

The beloved Supreme Autopilot awarded the island's tremendous trust and high expectations for binoculars, automatic guns, and machine guns, and took significant memorial photos with the soldiers and their families.

Full military one window rindo defense will gave way said revelations with found hechyeo far faraway remote island outposts sea way coming over on the day the transfer troops to move brilliant Hebrews reveals who pour love and positive birth parents who reverence the best Il comrade Reluctantly, he was filled with the burning resolve to defend the front end of his homeland with the Venus Iron Wall by thoroughly carrying out the combat tasks suggested by the Supreme Autopilot .

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