Dear to top Il Kim Jong-un comrades had He directed the new large-caliber pilot fired test again.

Aug 4, 2019

WPK Chairman yisimyeo DPR Prime Committee yisimyeo the DPRK armed forces commander in chief, who we as a country, the armed party best Il Kim Jong-un had comrades Map 2 August dawn again, the newly developed test firing of large diameter one trillion kinds bangsapo Was.

The test fire was conducted to inspect the high-inhibition flight performance, orbital control capability, and target accuracy of large-caliber pilots.

Lead bishops of the National Defense Science Department, including Lee Byeong-cheol, Dong-ji Eugene, Kim Jeong-sik, and other members of the party's Central Committee, Jang Chang-

The comrades of the Supreme Leader, who were in the firepower area, measured the deployment time of the combat operations, detailed the operation method of the large-diameter pilot projectile system, and instructed the test shooters at the observation station.

Through the test shooting, the altitude suppression level flight ability, orbital irregularity ability, target neutrality, and explosion power of the target pilot satatan were satisfactorily determined.

The beloved Supreme Autonomous Region highly praised the efforts of the leaders of the defense science sector, scientists, engineers, and the working class, expressing dissatisfaction in the test shooting that another party weapon that our Party envisioned and desired was born.

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