Chosun Workers' Party Central Committee, the 7th 14th Political Bureau Expansion Meeting

Jul 4, 2020

 Chosun Workers' Party Central Committee, the 7th 14th Political Bureau Expansion Meeting - Image

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea convened an expansion meeting at the headquarters of the Central Committee of the Party on July 2 to debate on the immediate business and important policy issues of the Party and the State.

Chairman WPK yisimyeo DPR State Committee yisimyeo the DPRK armed forces commander in chief , who we as a country, the armed party best Il Comrade Kim Jong-un participated in the meeting.

At the meeting, members of the Political Bureau and candidates of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea participated.

The meeting also attended by members of the Central Committee of the Central Committee, Cabinet members, members of the Central and Central Institutions, Chairman of the Dodang, People's Committees of the People's Armed Forces, commanders of the armed forces, members of the Central Emergency Management Command, and construction workers.

Under the mandate of the Party Central Committee Comrade Kim Jong-un presided over the conference and gave an important conclusion.

The meeting discussed the issue of consolidating the six-month project structure to prevent the malignant epidemic and strengthening the national emergency prevention project to further consolidate the current defense pattern.

My dearest comrade, the Supreme Leader , mentioned the purpose and purpose of our party to discuss the issue of national emergency prevention again at the political assembly.

That reverence Top Leader Comrade air against the national emergency quarantine spans six months Business Analysis specifically of our foresight of the Party Central Having a thorough defense of global health crisis, even the grounds intrusion of malicious biruseu and maintain a stable disinfectant situation It is said that it is a proud achievement achieved by the high awareness of the people's high self-awareness that moves together as one in the order of the leadership and the party-centered order. He said he should.

To reverence the best Il only two rooms reverse focal line at all in He comrade is expected to be sustained re-infection, re-spread trend of malware epidemics in recent years around the country and rinjeop area and has eliminated the risk the uncertain situation or hazard being the maximum vigilance as no He warned and pointed out that the quarantine project will be re-examined and carried out more strictly.

To reverence the best Il relief of Comrade vigilant and stand by, chronic with symptoms and standing air harshly criticized for the Emergency Prevention discipline violations phenomenon ppureun preventative measures in the Emergency Defense business is increasingly prevalent in the group as take on the janggiseong have imagined Do not slow down the tension and continue to strengthen the emergency prevention business until the danger of infectious disease is completely eliminated, while repeatedly warning that the water and the fatal crisis that cannot be recovered will result in a fatal crisis. He emphasized that he should go out.

At the meeting, six months of reports on the state's emergency preparedness project were heard and discussions were conducted.

The reports and discussions seriously analyzed and summed up the problems that emerged from the national emergency prevention project in the first half of the year, further organized the organizational politics project to thoroughly comply with emergency prevention measures in response to global damage situations, and strictly maintained the emergency prevention system. He pointed out that he would take more detailed and appropriate measures to do so.

At the meeting, the second agenda was to discuss the problem of ending the construction of Pyongyang General Hospital and devising human and material technical security measures for medical service.

Dear to top Il Comrade overcome adverse conditions difficult by the extraordinary spirit and dedication of Pyongyang hospitals boldly and builders were satisfied with the show you like construction there is adamantly pushing schedule planning.

That reverence Top Leader Comrade Please take the national strong measures for urgent measures problems posed haneundeseo wonderfully completed with world class enables you to advanced medical services of the finest practical Pyongyang General Hospital for the People's Construction Division, Materials guarantee sector In particular, he presented specific tasks in front of the operational preparation section.

At the meeting, the draft decision on the first and second legislation was studied and adopted as a whole.

The meeting also conducted research on important issues and other matters related to the project.